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Maptalk-Digest Saturday, December 26 1998 Volume 98 : Number 504

    From: "Rich O'Grady" <>
Fwd: RE: DrugSense Weekly, December 16, 1998  #078
    From: Mark Greer <>
New Speaker Hasert to be interviewed 
    From: Mark Greer <>
CT:  East Windsor's DARE receives a present
    From: "Tom VonDeck" <>
Chomsky on CSPAN
    From: Jim Rosenfield <>
You're an imbecile;  but  keep up the good work!
    From: "Tom O'Connell" <>
Australia: PUB LTE: Remember Civic's Imbibing Rooms
    From: Richard Lake <>
Re: Chomsky on CSPAN
    From: "Larry & Mindy Stevens" <>
Congrats, Gerald!!!
    From: "Tom VonDeck" <>


From: "Rich O'Grady" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 09:49:41 -0600

To All;

Well, I'll be leaving in a few hours for the weekend & I just wanted to
wish everybody & anybody who is connected to MAPinc, a VERY MERRY/HAPPY

Peace, love & other good stuff to all, & to all a good night,
Rich O'Grady


Subj: Fwd: RE: DrugSense Weekly, December 16, 1998  #078
From: Mark Greer <>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 10:35:05 -0800

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>From:  Mark Greer []
>Sent:  Wednesday, December 16, 1998 7:55 PM
>Subject:       DrugSense Weekly, December 16, 1998  #078
>I'm Jason editor of the Pulse magazine. I think we have some common ground. 
>We are a dance/live music magazine that is fighting the same battle. We 
>print 35000 mags Hope you like this article. It's being published in the 
>December edition.
>Cruelty. Perhaps the word is too strong. Perhaps not. Relief from pain and 
>suffering is a common battle everyone faces at some time in their life. The 
>flue is bad enough. When you're throwing your ring up and shitting the bed, 
>you'd take anything to end the constant headache, and blocked passages. 
>Imagine a terrible chronic pain that doesn't stop. When you go to the 
>doctor to get something that will help you through the constant nausea and 
>agony. He says well, I can give you these expensive ?30 a time horse 
>tablets that will take away the pain and discomfort but they will have side 
>effects. (By side effects they mean you totally loose your mind, in a 
>cotton wool soup of disorientation, nausea, constipation and mood swings 
>from the bowls of hell) or, you can become a criminal!!! The governments 
>decision not to allow disabled and suffering members of the public access 
>to a natural medicine is well, just what we expected.
>These people are being used as pawns. It is not a medical issue (look at 
>the resent research from the World health authority). It is a political 
>one. The government is playing a dangerous game. They are alienating them 
>selves from a large percentage of the population There is a tide of 
>intelligent, like minded people who are trying really hard to stop this 
>insanity, and the government are fighting a lost battle. Cannabis is here. 
>Every social circle has a percentage of people who smoke cannabis. Can't 
>they see that? They have come to the conclusion that cannabis will effect 
>the common good. Why do they look at it like this? I think it's down to 
>ignorance and fear but fear of what? They think if cannabis is available 
>for pain relief everyone will get some ailment and want to be prescribed 
>marijuana. They think, if thousands of people are smoking marijuana it will 
>become socially accepted. They think it will increase the risk of people 
>driving under the influence of marijuana. They think it will make the 
>nation lazy and unmotivated. You know what, they would have a point but so 
>what! Why don't they look at the obvious benefits? People smoking cannabis 
>will require fewer drugs from the pharmaceutical companies, saving the 
>National Health Service loads of money. Less people will be driving if 
>everyone is banned, so more money will be poured into public transport 
>(check the RAC's new directive, it's relevant!). People will not be exposed 
>to the underworld of crime, which will take out chunks of money from 
>underworld drug syndicates. Cannabis does make a percentage of people lose 
>some motivation, but its sedative qualities also level a lot of hyper-heads 
>and subdues violence and mindless-ness. It also makes a lot of creative 
>people more motivated and inventive, which give them an edge over those 
>that don't use it. If they went one stage further and legalized it the 
>revenue from it would be enormous which could be used to give the National 
>Health service a mountain of cash.  I'm moving away from the point a bit 
>here, but it just doesn't add up.
>The government seems happy to force alcohol and powerful, expensive 
>painkillers down our necks but wants to turn people into criminals for 
>trying to use a much less harmful substance. I think Mr Blair is the 
>problem here. Being a "Christian" he wants to protect his flock from 
>exposure to anything that is deemed a sin.  Perhaps he should have a proper 
>look at the scriptures. Exodus chapter 30 verse 22 - 33:
>Moreover the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying
>Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred 
>shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty 
>shekels, and of sweet KINEBOISIN two hundred and fifty shekels.
>And of cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and 
>of olive oil an hin
>And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after 
>the art of the apothecary; it shall be an holy anointing oil
>And thou shalt anoint the tabernacle of the congregation therewith, and the 
>ark of the testimony.
>Upon man's flesh shall it not be poured, neither shall ye make any other 
>like it, after the composition of it: it is holy, and it shall be holy unto 
>Whosoever compoundeth any like it, or whosoever putteth any of it upon a 
>stranger, shall even be cut off from his people
>KINEBOISIN, according to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is the old 
>name for cannabis - it was also spelt kannabosm. They claim it was 
>mis-translated in the King James' version of the bible, as "calamus" 
> Well the Bible in its current form has little relevance to today's 
>society. I for one don't like being oppressed by the Church. The only other 
>thing I can think of is, there are secret deals and negotiations going on 
>behind closed doors we know nothing about. "But the times they are a 
>changing"   and the weight of evidence will eventually tip the scale. We 
>will just have to keep plugging away until we get some Justice. To all 
>those people out there who are suffering, sorry! You must try and protest, 
>make a stand. I'm sure you would get huge backing from the public. Asking 
>sick people to protest who have to battle daily with a multitude of 
>injuries (both mental and physical) is hard enough. Asking them to go 
>without their medicine surely is PURE EVIL?
>If you have any comments e-mail me jason@kebra  or visit our new 
>Hope to hear from you soon. Glad you liked the response to the "Dallas 
>Morning News"
> Jason

Mark Greer
Executive Director


Subj: New Speaker Hasert to be interviewed 
From: Mark Greer <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 09:42:47 -0800

Rep. Dennis J Hastert the apparent next Speaker of the House will be
interviewed Sunday 12/27 on C-Span  7:30 AM 2 PM and 5:30 PM EST . In a breif 
preview aired today he bragged about the recently passed drug policy bill being
the largest of all time. 
- ------------

PS Happy holidays to all reformers.  We've made some great strides in 98 let's
try to do even more in '99 by working together and increasing our efficiency,
productivity and impact. 

Mark Greer
Executive Director


Subj: CT:  East Windsor's DARE receives a present
From: "Tom VonDeck" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 12:48:09 PST

Source:  Journal Inquirer
Newshawk:  Buddy Holly and Wayne Newton
Date:  Thursday, December 24, 1998

East Windsor's DARE receives a present

By Erin Carroll

East Windsor- While many wouldn't mind finding a new car parked in the 
driveway Christmas morning, only the bold would ask for such a gift.  
Lucky for the police department, they got a car without even having to 
petition Santa.

Today the department received a 1989 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 with an IROC 
option package for its Drug Abuse Resistance Educaton (DARE) program.

"Being that it's Christmas and it is finished, we'd like to give it as a 
Christmas present," said Gus Mitsalexakis, a mechanic who spruced up the 
car that had been donated by Nation Auto, U.S.A. on Route 5.

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Subj: Chomsky on CSPAN
From: Jim Rosenfield <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 13:10:57 -0800

Noam Chomsky is on CSPAN right now.  How can I find out when its going to 
play again?  Anyone get it on tape?

Jim Rosenfield                      
tel:  310-836-0926                  fax:  310-836-0592


Subj: You're an imbecile;  but  keep up the good work!
From: "Tom O'Connell" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 15:39:50 -0800

24 December, 1998

Rep. Tom DeLay
Majority  Leader,
U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Mr. DeLay;

 I'm solidly behind your energetic and, thus far, surprisingly successful
attempt to remove President Clinton from office. Before you get the
mistaken idea that I also agree with your political views;  nothing could
be further from the truth. I regard you as a scientifically  illiterate
imbecile whose head is stuffed with dangerous nonsense.

Why, then, do I encourage your impeachment attempt ? That's easy :
Clinton's overthrow has become the modern Republican holy grail; a quest
which has already cost the GOP several Congressional seats in November,
two House Speakers in less than 2 months,  and has just resulted in the
choice of Denny Hastert, idiot from Illinois, as their designated
successor. Hastert is guaranteed to  turn off the few remaining Republicans
in possession of  functional brains the first time he opens his mouth about
milatarizing the drug war.

Except for fundamentalist nutcases like yourself, the impeach-Clinton quest
has caused near-complete loss of public confidence in your party.  35% of
the electorate is about all you will have left when this fiasco is over. If
you sustain the anti- Clinton  frenzy  for a just few more months, you may
succeed in  destroying the GOP as a  political force for  the next  two
decades. From my standpoint, that would be good, for  I while I have almost
as little use for Clinton as you do,  I do find a few reasonable people in
his political party.

Your party, on the other hand, has just conclusively demonstrated that it's

Finally , allow  me to congratulate you on your latest accomplishment;
yesterday's  press release, which  resurrected Joe McCarthy's  gutter
tactics almost perfectly,  will do for Clinton  something I had not
thought possible:  make him seem like a towering figure who really deserves
that 72% job approval rating.

Sheer political genius, Tom. Keep up the good work!


Tom O'Connell
195 Warren Road
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 348-6841


Subj: Australia: PUB LTE: Remember Civic's Imbibing Rooms
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 09:32:09 -0500

Newshawk:  (Russell, Ken KW)
Source: Canberra Times (Australia)
Pubdate: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 
Author: Ken Russell
Note: Besides being a published LTE writer, Ken provides most of our
newshawking coverage of Australia. Ken is also in the process of setting up
a special private MAP mailing list for newshawks, or those who would like
to be newshawks but need assistance. If you would like to be on this
mailing list, please send a message to  with 'Join Newshawk
List' as the subject. - Richard Lake, Sr. Editor


IVAN HOY'S letter "No more trips to Civic for me!" (16 December) succinctly
highlighted the hypocrisy of many members of our society.

Mr Hoy would do well to consider that while Civic does not yet have any
safe injecting rooms it has many safe-imbibing rooms: the pubs, the
restaurants, the bars. Several hundred users of these establishments
regularly mix with other people using Civic, often not long after they have
had their last alcohol fix.

I am sure I will be criticised for my comparing alcohol and heroin, pubs
and safe injecting rooms; and in some ways the criticism will be justified.
After all, alcohol is far more strongly correlated with violence than
heroin, and a drunkard poses more of a risk to the average citizen than
someone high on heroin. Further, pubs are anything but safe, with no
medical staff present and, according to a recent Australian Institute of
Criminology report on violence, they are quite dangerous.

Many of the heroin users which so offend Mr Hoy are already present in
Civic, wandering around after their last "hit". Quite possibly, Mr Hoy
would be unable to identify them; they don't generally act like drunks.

North Wollongong, NSW 


Subj: Re: Chomsky on CSPAN
From: "Larry & Mindy Stevens" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 08:49:30 -0600

That is major news.  They've been talking about trying to get Chomsky to
appear for many years.  Every time he is mentioned, Brian Lamb insists that
Chomsky has steadfastly refused their invitations. 

Thanks for the heads up.

- ----------
> From: Jim Rosenfield <>
> To: ; 
> Subject: MAP: Chomsky on CSPAN
> Date: Thursday, December 24, 1998 3:10 PM
> Noam Chomsky is on CSPAN right now.  How can I find out when its going to

> play again?  Anyone get it on tape?
> Jim Rosenfield                      
> tel:  310-836-0926                  fax:  310-836-0592
> Visit


Subj: Congrats, Gerald!!!
From: "Tom VonDeck" <>
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 06:41:18 PST

Source:  Journal Inquirer
Date:  Friday, December 25th, 1998
newshawk:  Tom Von Deck
Author:  Gerald Sutliff
US: CT: PUB LTE:  Addressing drug abuse

The column in the Dec. 19 edition of the Journal Inquirer (from The Day 
of New London) about the inability of Long Lane's staff to address the 
drug abuse problem of its involuntary residents is not quite on point.

Most drug abusers have emotional or "adjustment" problems before they 
ever begin using drugs.  Drug abuse hardly makes things better for them, 
but ignoring the underlying cause of drug abuse is also stupid.  No drug 
abuser, young or old, deserves incarceration.  Each needs love, 
understanding, tolerance, and help.  Blaming the drugs alone is a 
self-defeating conundrum.

Gerald M. Sutliff
Emeryville, Calif.

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End of Maptalk-Digest V98 #504

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