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Maptalk-Digest Tuesday, December 14 1999 Volume 99 : Number 534

    From: "Larry Stevens" <>
    From: "RL Root" <>
E-the People polls
    From: "Don Beck" <>
Our friends in New Zealand ask for your help
    From: Richard Lake <>
DRCNet lists down?
    From: Richard Lake <>
Another milestone! Thank You Newshawks!
    From: Richard Lake <>


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From: "Larry Stevens" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 17:52:16 -0600

Re: 2nd "PUB"LTE in Christian Science Monitor

May I suggest that the above referenced letter is a prohibitionist letter
and not a PUBLTE as it appears to have been classified?

Letter writer Ricky A. Schuft is clearly advancing the prohibitionist line
when he writes, "drugs are the cause of the problems."

As such it makes an excellent target for more LTEs.

BTW, no "dis" intended for the very fine volunteers who hawked & edited this
one,  you guys are the greatest and I fully appreciate your effort and how
hard you all must work!!!


Here it is in full:

Pubdate: Mon, 13 Dec 1999
Source: Christian Science Monitor (US)
Section: Letters
Page: 8
Copyright: 1999 The Christian Science Publishing Society.
Address: One Norway Street, Boston, MA 02115
Fax: (617) 450-2031
Author: Ricky A.  Schuft
Ed.  Note: This is the 1st of 2 PUB LTE's published in the Christian Science
Monitor Mon, 13 Dec 1999 edition under the same headline.


The article "Mass graves could strain US-Mexico relations" (Dec.  2) shows
that there is too much emphasis on strained relations between the United
States and Mexico.  Americans are killed daily in the US as a result of drug
use and drug trafficking.  It is ridiculous to pinpoint Mexicans, when
clearly drugs are the cause of the problems.

I spent a week in Juarez, Mexico, during the spring of this year, and would
like to point out that the majority of the population consists of
hardworking, poverty-stricken people, who desperately need attention.  The
level of poverty is at a point where citizens are extremely vulnerable to
drugs as a source of income.

Ricky A.  Schuft St.  Peter, Minn


From: "RL Root" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 16:25:47 -0800

It's from a C-Span interview with Mike Wallace and his 60 Minutes producer
Bob Anderson.  The initial question is from a caller, then the C-Span host
asks Mike to respond.  Mike declines, and it is Bob Anderson that supplies
the response.

                                         Your keyword(s): drug war

                                 CSPAN 12/8/99 - 5:37:54 PM .....
                                 there. I wanted to comment because
                                 i'm a medical marajuana activist. I
                                 think that cocaine is a an evil drug.
                                 The one truth i have found about law
                                 enforcement and interdicks is that it
cannot compete against the
                                 black market, there is too much incentive,
especially as pro ha
                                 bigs has forced the price of drugs up
high. The incentive to
                                 make a dollar to the most desperate of our
people has forced
                                 the drug war to another level, as we have
seen in mexico. Can
                                 you comment on the possibility of
destroying the black market
                                 by cutting the monster off at the head and
saying, let's take the
                                 profit motive out of the drug market by
saying we're going to
                                 regulate and tax it, not legalize it, not
making it available to
                                 people over the counter, we have an
addiction problem, an abuse
                                 problem, and saying, let's butt the -- put
the drugs through the
                                 government -- >> i'm going to stop you.
Because we understand
                                 the question. Thank you. Mr. Wallace, do
you have an answer
                                 for him? >> Nope. >> Bob anderson? >> I
think he's on the
                                 right track. I think you have to find some
way of taking the
                                 profit out, and taking the crime out so
that nondrug users are
                                 not affected by drug users. >> From time
- -- >> what do you
                                 think the chances are of that
happening? >> Remote in the short
                                 term. >> Right. >> From time to time "60
minutes" goes back
                                 to people that you've interviewed. Does
this subject matter
                                 interest you? Do you think you'll return
to colombia? >> Well,
                                 bob wants to go to .....
Jim Rosenfield                            
tel:  310-836-0926                       fax:  310-836-0592


Subj: E-the People polls
From: "Don Beck" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 08:34:47 -0600

From the e-the People website

Thanks for participating in the People's Poll. Below is the tabulation of
votes. Look for a new poll question every week!

Tell us what you think:

Who's the better Bush?

George Bush 22 %    George W. Bush 32 %   Anheuser-Busch 46 %


Subj: Our friends in New Zealand ask for your help
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 22:26:44 -0500

Online Poll! 

The Herald is running a poll "Should cannabis be decriminalised?" currently
at 57% in our favour. Go to 

and scroll to the bottom of the page to have your say. An overwhelming
majority would certainly help our cause.


Friends, NORML New Zealand (which was started by this new MP) is buzzing
with this news:


See the story at: 

And click this link then look down the list for other New Zealand articles
on the same subject:

Forwarded by:
Richard Lake 
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Subj: DRCNet lists down?
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 22:55:21 -0500

Or have they just deleted me from all their lists?

Have not seen a message since Friday from any of their lists. And yes, I do
enjoy most all of them and appreciate DRCNet. MAP started as a DRCNet list,
after all, years ago.



Subj: Another milestone! Thank You Newshawks!
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 19:35:07 -0500

The Media Awareness Project of DrugSense

Pubdate: Tue, 14 Dec 1999


This morning the 30,000th item was distributed and archived, where the news
is read by many thousands of folks every day.

Since it is not possible to identify the person who sent number 30,000, we
thank all of you who submitted items so far this year:

A H Clements, AgFuture, Al Gilmore, Alan Randell, Alexandra Eyle, Allan
Erickson, Allen M, Allison Bigelow, American Medical Marijuana Association,
Americans for Medical Rights, Anders Robichaud, Andre' Richard, Andrew
Byrne, Andrew Sullivan, Andy Smith, Anonymous, Art Olivier, Art Smart, Art
Sobey, Arthur Livermore, Artie Bjork, aslinn, AtomShock, Australian
Autohawk, B. Taylor, Barry Smith, Bill Hackett, Bill St. Clair, Bo Lawler,
Bob Eaton, Bob Melamede, Bob Owen, Bob Ramsey, Bobby Wells, Boris Ryser,
Brenda and FEAR, Brownie Kate, Bryan Krumm, Bud Fairy, BulldogUSA, Byron
Stamate, C. C. Montrezza, Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of
Hemp, Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association, Cannabis
Action Network, Cannabis Culture, Capital Region NORML, Carey Ker, Carl
Olsen, Carol Colburn, Charles Roberts, Charles Rollins Jr, Charles
Schoonover, Charlotte. Montrezza, Chris Clay, Chris Joseph, chris lotze,
Chris W. Green, Chuck Beyer, Chuck Hundley, Church of the Universe, Cindy
Powell, Citizens for Compassionate Cannabis, Colo. Hemp Init. Project,
Cornett, cowboy, Coyote, Craig Noce, Craig Schroer, Craig Van De Vooren,
Curt Wagoner, Cyber Andy, Cyclepete, D. Cooper, D. Paul Stanford, Dale
Gieringer, Dan Berkes, Dan Litwin, Dan Scupin, Dana Beal, Danny Terwey,
Darral Good, Dave Bonan, Dave Cull, Dave Dengler, Dave Fratello, Dave
Haans, Dave Michon, David Boaz, David Carter, David d'Apollonia, David
Hadorn, David Isenberg, David L. Edwards, M.D., daystar1, Debra Harper,
Debra L. Sobey, Den de, Dennis Oakland, derek rea, Dick Evans, Dion
Markgraaff, dirtroad, Doc-Hawk, Don Beck, Don Wirtshafter, Donald Topping,
Doreen Cohen, Double J, Doug, Dr. Kate, Dr. Michael A. Rinella, Drug Policy
Forum of California, Drug Policy Forum of Florida, Drug Policy Forum of
Hawaii, Drug Policy Forum of Ohio, Drug Policy Forum of Texas, Drug Policy
Forum of Wisconsin, Ed Carpenter, Edward Forchion, Efficacy, Ellen Komp,
Epeggs, Eric Ernst, Eric Sterling, Ethan Nadelmann, EWCHIEF, Explorer,
Family Watch, Felix, FilmMakerZ, Floyd F Landrath, FoM, Frank S. World,
Fred Colburn, Freedom, Frustrated, G. Alan Robison, Gail Lightfoot,
GDaurer, General Pulaski, Gerald Sutliff, Gina Pesulima, Ginger Warbis,
Gregg Davis, Gregg L Davis, gregory trimper, H. Couch, Harald Lerch, Harvey
Pendrake, Hempman, Henry Cohen, Herb, Herb Zachary, Herbman, high 5 music,
Holly Catania, Hunter Schaeffer, Idiot Wind, Isaac Watts, Isabel, J M
Petrie, Jack Wilkerson, Jake Burkey, James Markes, Jammin' James E., Jane
Marcus, Jason Potts, Jay Bergstrom, Jay Stermer, Jean Taddie, Jeff, Jeff
Goodman, Jeff Seymour, Jellybean, Jerry Sutliff, Jerry Thomas, JerryEp138,
Jess Wheeler, Jesse Goplen, JF, jharper, Jim Bovard, Jim Galasyn, Jim Mork,
Jim Rosenfield, Jimmy, Jimmy Green, Joan Bello, Jo-D Harrison Dunbar, Joe
Hart, Joe Wein, Joel W. Johnson, John Chase, John Hiram, John K., John
Paff, John Smith, John W. Black, Joseph McNamara, Joycelyn Woods, Judy
Hall, Julie Hymans, Jury Rights Project, Katharine Steele, Kathy Galbraith,
Kay Lee, Keith, Keith Sanders, Kelly Conlon, Ken Krayeske, Ken Krug, Ken
Unger, Ken Wise, Kendra Wright, Kenneth William Russell, Kevin Fansler,
Kevin Zeese, Kim Hanna, Kim Levin, kimmo.wilska, Kiovanna, Kkraig, Larry &
Kathy Seguin, Larry & Mindy Stevens, Larry Nickerson, Larry Porter, Lars
Hedman, Laura Green, Laura Spitz, Lee T. Neidow, Leroy Casterline, Les
Brown, Linda Ransome, Luciano Colonna, Lynn Harichy, M Foster, M. Simon,
Manny J Lovitto, Marcus/Mermelstein Family, Mark Greer, Mark Van Honts,
Martha G., Martin Cooke, Matt Briscoe, Matt Elrod, Matthew Gaylor, Matthew
Koglin, Michael, Michael Foster, Michael Hess, Michael Krawitz, Michael
Pearson, Michael R. Roona, Michael Shellenberger, Michael Tripper, Michele
Kubby, Michelle, Miguet, Mike Clark, Mike Dooley, Mike Gogulski, Mike Gray,
Mike Jones, Mike Maunz, Mineral, Misty, Mistyron, Monkeywrench, Montana
NORML, Nate Hendley, Nathan Riley, Nicholas Merrill, Nora Callahan, Norm
Siefken, NORML at VPI & SU, NORML New Zealand, NORML Saskatchewan,
Nuzeblues, Odessa Outback-Hawk, Olafur Brentmar, onegreenday, pacal, Pat
Dolan, Pat Rogers, Pat Whelan, Patrick Henry, Patrick McCartney, Paul
Consroe, Paul DeFelice, Paul Freedom, Paul Hutchinson, Paul Lewin, Paul M.
Bischke, Paul Wolf, Pelle Moulante, Penny Dailey, Pete, Peter, Peter
McWilliams, Peter Neuman, Peter Watney, Peter Webster, Phil Smith, Phillip
Coffin, Portland NORML, R Bauman, R Givens, R. L. Root, Reagan Williams,
ReconsiDer Forum on Drug Policy, Rev. Dennis Shields, Richard D. Glynn,
Richard Lake, Richard Marchese, Rick D. Day, Rick Root, Rob Ryan, Robert
Chavez, Robert D. Kampia, Robert Field, Robert Lunday, Robert Ryan, Roger
Christie, S. M. Tripper, Sandee Burbank, Sanho Tree, Sara Randall, Scott
Bledsoe, Scott D., shelterpeople, Sherry Coonrod, Shug, Sister Icee,
Sledhead, Stanton Peele, Steve Bunch, Steve Heath, Steve Kubby, Steve
Wallace, Steve Young, Stormy Ray, Tammera Halphen, The Drug Policy Forum of
Virginia, The Hemp Store, The Kubby Files, The Legalise Cannabis Alliance,
The November Coalition, Tim Meehan, Todd C. Nessen, Tom Barrus, Pharmacist
& MBA, Tom Blickman, Tom Clark, Tom Hawkins, Tom Lauerman, Tom Murlowski,
Tom O'Connell, Tom Paine, Tom Von Deck, Tom-E Dunbar, Toni Leeman, Tony
Beyer, Tony Coppolino, Trudie Marks-Doley, Ty Trippet, Tyree Callahan,
Uncle Hempy, University Drug Policy Forum, Unoino2, Virginians Against Drug
Violence, Wally Bachman, Walter F. Wouk, Washington Hemp Education Network,
WebBooks, Weston S. Hartwell, Will Smith, William Appel, and zencentral.

We Thank Each and Every One of You for All that You are Doing!

For the editors, webmasters, and board of directors of the Media Awareness
Project, Inc.

Richard Lake 
Sr. Editor; MAPnews, MAPnews-Digest and DrugNews-Digest
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End of Maptalk-Digest V99 #534

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