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Maptalk-Digest Monday, December 20 1999 Volume 99 : Number 538

The Passing Of A Warrior, Jim Rosenfield     (FWD)
    From: Richard Lake <>
Bravo! for an Aussey Dude
    From: Cornett <>
Re: The Passing Of A Warrior, Jim Rosenfield
    From: Steve Young <>
Paying Respect, Jim Rosenfield
    From: "RL Root" <>
Jim Rosenfield
    From: "Tom O'Connell" <>


Subj: The Passing Of A Warrior, Jim Rosenfield     (FWD)
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 23:31:17 -0500

The Passing Of A Warrior, Jim Rosenfield

Activist, friend and computer wiz kid, Jim Rosenfield, passed away
Friday, December 17th., of a heart attack. His wife, Victoria says that
he died happy; he was doing the thing he loved most, ballroom dancing.

Jim was an relentless media hound; involved with, and founding many
political organizations and media watch groups including, Media
Awareness Project (MAP), She Who Remembers, Cannabis Freedom Fund (PAC),
ACLU, DRCnet, NORML, November Coalition, Americam Medical Marijuana
Association (AMMA) and others. 

He Will Be Deeply Missed.

Jim leaves behind his wife Victoria; two young children, Ariel and
Richard; and his best buddy, 
"Stash" the dog.

Victoria has asked for a large gathering at his memorial. She would
like his family to understand just how important his activism was to him
and how many people, his relentless work, affected.  

PLEASE send us any information you have regarding your experiences,
memories, and personal thoughts about working with Jim over the years
for this purpose to, .

A Memorial Service will be held on:
Date: Tuesday Dec 21
Time: mid-afternoon (To Be Announced)
Location: Kehillat Isreal
Address: 16019 Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palsades

We will update you further on any arangements for some kind of gathering

Thank You!
Genie Brittingham
Tim Perkins
She Who Remembers Productions
- -- 
Tim Perkins
She Who Remembers
Radical Earth Solutions
Cannabis Freedom Fund


Subj: Bravo! for an Aussey Dude
From: Cornett <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 16:49:17 +0900

Hea! All
How'er they hangin'?
Did ya see CNN. com today?

 Australian man convicted of feeding hash cookies to Mormans
 Dec.20, 1999 8:05 HKT posted(0005 GMT)

Ought to put this Dude up for a Prize!
Aussey dude Al McLean(Melbourne)served some real 
good cookies  to 2 American Mormans who happened to 
drop by his place, maybe tryin' to sell him sumpin'. 
Which(downside)got Al convicted for feeding the 
Morman 19 year olds drugs.
Musta been some Trip,  article says, they were hospitalized.
Wonder if they were ex-communicated?

Another Activist
B. Cornett


Subj: Re: The Passing Of A Warrior, Jim Rosenfield
From: Steve Young <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 08:35:00 -0600

I never met Jim Rosenfield face-to-face, but after reading his messages and
marveling at his web projects for a couple years, I got the sense he was a
person who always said what he thought had to be said. He made his
pronouncements without mincing words and without apology. But, while some
people vent their outrage by merely expressing it, Jim backed up his words
with action. He wanted to make people see what was happening, even those
who refused to open their eyes. While I imagine little will console his
family right now, I hope they understand that Jim's work made a difference.
He used his passion and his talent to educate people around the world. He
challenged all of us to think for ourselves, just as he did. He will be
missed greatly, but the work he left behind will serve as a reminder of
what one dedicated person can do.

Steve Young


Subj: Paying Respect, Jim Rosenfield
From: "RL Root" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 16:19:52 -0800

I didn't know Jim Rosenfield.  But I certainly knew of him.  I saw his name
on a daily basis.  Newshawking and letter writing, he was truly a man
committed to the cause of liberty.  It was because of efforts displayed by
Jim and people just like him, that I was motivated to take an active role in
our cause.  I know the best way that I could honor his life is to help carry
some of the load that he carried, and that is what I will do.  He will be
missed and remembered.

If any others from Orange County are planning on attending Jim's services
and would like to carpool, please respond via personal email.

In Respect,

Rick Root

Two of Jim's LTE's as found in the MAP database:

Pubdate: July 8, 1999
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 1999 Los Angeles Times.
Author: Jim Rosenfield
Note: This PUB LTE also appeared in Santa Monica Our Times



Your June 24 article about courageous medical marijuana activist Joe Kidwell
includes the question, "Since when is marijuana use a First Amendment
issue?" When millions of Americans have been intimidated into silence on
this issue, marijuana use, the primary target of the drug War, is highly
controversial and certainly political.

We have the right to discuss openly the public policies about our bodies,
our privacy, our minds and our chemistry.  In 1996, voters of California
overwhelmingly.approved medical marijuana, yet Kidwell has faced harassment,
prosecution and official intimidation for using, growing and speaking about
it.  Kidwell should never have been brought to trial.  While the judge now
accepts his right to use marijuana, he is forbidding Kidwell to grow it,
despite the fact that cultivation is specifically permitted under the law.
The judge's forbidding speech about this topic shows that marijuana is a
profoundly political issue.

This is a plain violation of the Constitutional right to free speech in an
area that badly needs discussion, The phenomenally expensive war on drugs
has totally failed to help any drug addicts or to make anyone safer.

The resulting black markets have brought us massive organized crime,
mountains of official corruption and the world's largest prison population.
Murderers walk to make room for potheads.  Denying Kidwell's fight to speak
on this topic amounts to clear political repression and it must be stopped
in Santa Monica.

Jim Rosenfield
Culver City

Pubdate: Fri, 29 Oct 1999
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 1999 Los Angeles Times
Author: Jim Rosenfield


Re "Medical Neglect, Abuse Lie in Wait for State's Women Prisoners," Oct.
27: The drug war is now incarcerating bit players and users in record
numbers for long mandatory minimum sentences voted by our ever-tough
politicians.  We say it is to "help" them, but Amnesty International has us
on the list of nations that torture political prisoners with such

Drug prohibition sends these nonviolent "offenders" to death and degradation
in the name of "sending a message" to the children.  What message are we
really sending about force and the power of the majority to legislate
morality and to viciously wipe out a dissenting and helpless minority?

Jim Rosenfield, Culver City


Subj: Jim Rosenfield
From: "Tom O'Connell" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 22:33:56 -0800

Jim's death was a real shock to me; he was one of the people who 
inspired me to become active on the internet on behalf of drug policy 
reform; sadly, I met him only once- at the 1995 Santa Monica meeting 
of DPF. A rump meeting of electronic activists at which Jim played a 
major role radicalized me in terms of wanting to do something 
constructive for drug policy reform. Although I was never to see Jim 
again, I was constantly in his presence electronically and sometimes 
on the phone- debating with him, applauding him and occasionally 
disagreeing with him.

To say that he had enormous energy and dedication is gross 
understatement; in addition to his own website, he was a major 
presence in terms of covering the LA media and he was constantly 
goading all of us to do that little bit extra. He will be greatly 
missed, and will never be completely replaced.

My heart goes out to his family in this tragic hour. Jim will always 
be remembered by all of us who were inspired by him.

Tom O'Connell


End of Maptalk-Digest V99 #538

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