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Maptalk-Digest Monday, December 4 2000 Volume 00 : Number 258

Talkin' Out Both Sides...
    From: "J. Colman-Pinning" <>
MAP news: Forbes Story On ONDCP Wins Online Award, plus new Dutch MAP
    From: Richard Lake <>
Re: LTE: Ecstasy use doubles
    From: "J. Colman-Pinning" <>
Excite Poll: Should governments try to make laws to get people to engage in
    From: "Jim  White" <>
    From: Allan Erickson <>
In Oklahoma, a drug crisis grows
    From: "kim hanna" <>


Subj: Talkin' Out Both Sides...
From: "J. Colman-Pinning" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 13:04:34 -0800

Contrast the rap justifying the pharm firms fertilizing with their lucre
(DRC url below) and the Soros bashing that goes on a la "Smoke Screen"
editorial from San Diego.  We are witnissing the squirming of swine
accustomed to having it both ways without alot of bothersome questioning
of their authority.  More squealing to come as the courts get to deal
with logical consistency and the [true] meaning of states rights.

My very best to the MAP stalwarts from a time impaired
J. Colman-Pinning

7. Pharmaceutical Firms Fund Drug Court Lobbying Group

US CA: Editorial: Smoke Screen
      Newshawk: Jo-D and Tom-E


Subj: MAP news: Forbes Story On ONDCP Wins Online Award, plus new Dutch MAP
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 16:09:35 -0500

Pubdate: Sun, 3 Dec 2000
Source: The Media Awareness Project of DrugSense
The Dan Forbes bookmark:


Online Journalism Awards Presented by the Online News Association & 
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism has announced the following:

- --------------------

Enterprise Journalism: Original to the Web

This category honors stories that either break news, are based on the 
reporters' own exclusive investigations or offer compelling and original 
analysis and interpretation. Clear presentation and creative use of the 
medium will also be considered. Entries consist of a single piece, series 
or package.

Winner Drug Czar

Report on how network television shows included anti-drug pitches in their 
programming to cash in on a complex government advertising subsidy. The 
judges called this an exclusive story that had significant impact on 
network television, advertising and the role of government. It reflected 
deep reporting of an unexplored topic -- the kind of investigative work 
that Web journalists should aspire to.

- --------------------

The Salon story "Prime-Time Propaganda" is MAP archived at:

Also in the MAP archives exclusively online is the Dan Forbes investigative 
report for Brandweek magazine "Drug Money" in two parts:

And The Drug Policy Newsletter follow up article by Dan "The Partnership's 

As well as a new article Dan wrote for MAP as a follow up to the Salon 
story "Dan Forbes Details The Breaking Of The ONDCP Incentives Story" at:



Now both email lists and a web page with an archives link is carrying news 
items from The Netherlands in the Dutch language. The articles contain the 
same type of contact information as English language MAP items so that 
readers may respond.


Please pass this information to anyone who would like to read the news from 
The Netherlands in Dutch! 


Subj: Re: LTE: Ecstasy use doubles
From: "J. Colman-Pinning" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 15:03:27 -0800

Dear Jim,
     Trying to go through my  emails after being buried for most of the past
month in a new "position."  Long hours, more stress than I prefer, missing the
     Your letter describes what I have always known as "the self-fulfilling
prophesy."  The power of omnipresent mass media is that it literally creates a
reality where one did not exist before.  'Manufacturing Consent, ' spreading
'the Big Lie,' are all parts of the many headed beast.  Just as DARE programs
create interest as well as awareness; so do inflated, sensationalist news
stories create a demand where once there was little or none... especially among
the young during their 'lemming years.'  I continue to enjoy your letters.
vty,  J.  Colman-Pinning

Jim White wrote:

> To the Editor,
> That fewer teenagers are using marijuana and more of them are using a drug
> called "ecstasy" or MDMA is no surprise.
> Drug "epidemics" are always preceded by media reports. For those who pay
> attention to such things, the use of ecstasy has existed since the drug was
> invented. However once the media began reporting on the use of this "club
> drug" use actually began to rise. So much so that the Partnership for a
> Drug-Free America, claims that use has "doubled" over the last year alone.
> This trend was mirrored during the 1980s with the "crack epidemic", and
> prior to that, during the late '60s with the explosion in marijuana use.
> Again, all of these epidemics were preceded by an inordinate amount of media
> coverage.
> In 1971, the Consumers Union and the publishers of Consumer Reports
> magazine, published a book called; Consumers Union Report on Licit and
> Illicit Drugs. From chapter 68, titled, Learning from past mistakes; Six
> caveats. "Scare publicity has been the second cornerstone of national
> policy, along with law enforcement, since 1914. The effort to frighten
> people away from illicit drugs has publicized and thus popularized the drugs
> attacked. The impact on young eyes and ears of the constant drumming of drug
> news stories and antidrug messages is clearly discernible-- just look
> around."
>  "As shown throughout this Report, sensationalist publicity is not only
> ineffective but counterproductive. Both the peril and the warning function
> as lures. At the same time, the antidrug campaigns have inflamed the hostile
> emotions of many non-drug users, making it harder to win support for calm,
> rational, nonpunitive, effective drug policies."
> As true today as it was then. It could have, and indeed should have, served
> as a warning. Problem is that no one reads the warning labels anymore.
> Stay tuned, the next drug epidemic to strike America's children is brought
> to you by the new national Anti-drug media campaign.
> Jim White
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Subj: Excite Poll: Should governments try to make laws to get people to engage in healthier lifestyles?
From: "Jim  White" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 08:02:01 -0500

Should governments try to make laws to get people to engage in healthier

Yes 8%  =>  500 votes

No 88%  =>  4922 votes

Don't know 2%  =>  137 votes

Current Vote Tally: 5559


Subj: Clemency
From: Allan Erickson <>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 08:38:35 +0100

From Sojourners (online mag)-

B u i l d i n g   a   M o v e m e n t
Appeal To President Clinton to Commute
Sentences Of Low-Level, Nonviolent Drug

More than 525 leading members of America's
religious faiths have signed a letter to be
delivered to President Clinton Monday urging
him to commute the sentences of low-level,
nonviolent federal drug offenders.

Signers include Rev. J. Philip Wogamon, Foundry
United Methodist Church, the pesident's pastor;
Rev. Dr. Robert Edgar, General Secretary,
National Council of Churches; Episcopal Bishops
Frederick H. Borsch and George Packard; and
Harvard Divinity School Professor Harvey Cox.

The text of the letter, a complete list of signers,
and the signers arranged by state, are available
online at:


Subj: In Oklahoma, a drug crisis grows
From: "kim hanna" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 01:36:46 

In watching this NBC Report on methamphetamine in Oklahoma, it seemed like 
NBC was directing drug policy.
The last sentence of the report sais the surest way to
fight the meth problem is with swift, severe penalties for
drug sellers and treatment for users.

Like severe penalties will stop the meth problem.
Get more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download :


End of Maptalk-Digest V00 #258

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