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MAPTalk-Digest Saturday, December 4 2004 Volume 04 : Number 218

001 Re: MAP: Oh, oh!
    From: Ethan Matthews <>
002 US WV: Editorial: Help For Drug Victims
    From: Joshua Sutcliffe <>


Subj: 001 Re: MAP: Oh, oh!
From: Ethan Matthews <>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 06:53:37 -0600

In, Richard Lake
<> posted on Fri, 26 Nov 2004 13:01:43 -0500:

> Due to Denial of Service attacks, PEER1 is considering dropping all Marc
> Emery websites!

Makes me wonder WHO is behind the DoS attacks.  It'd be nice if it could be
traced back to some government office.


Subj: 002 US WV: Editorial: Help For Drug Victims
From: Joshua Sutcliffe <>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 10:14:01 -0500

Newshawk: chip
Tracknum: 31616.000501c4d948.b684dd90.6400a8c0
Pubdate: Fri, 03 Dec 2004
Source: Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV)
Copyright: 2004 Bluefield Daily Telegraph


Dennis Lee piloting vital Tazewell project

It often is said that to "save one life" is worth the effort put into any
program designed to offer assistance to people. Such a program will begin in
Tazewell County in January. It could mean the difference in the life of many
young people - whether they become ensnared into a life of drug addiction or
have the opportunity to live productive, happy lives.

A pilot drug court planned by officials in Tazewell County aims to reach
non-violent first-time offenders hoping to escape a life of drug addiction.

The program has the potential to become a full-blown drug court developed
through a federal grant application, which Commonwealth Attorney Dennis Lee
hopes to obtain.

We commend Lee for his work in organizing the program. He said various
agencies have agreed to donate time and efforts to get the project started.

The drug court would be an intensive probation geared primarily toward
helping young offenders who have committed non-violent crimes.

As the crime rate grows - especially criminal acts revolving around a
subject's need for drugs - a community is faced with taking action to save
its young people or watching the problem run rampant. Tazewell County
leaders want to involve people who have had training in combating the
problems that young offenders have as result of drug use. Already the county
received an educational grant to help move toward the drug court project.
Training included two judges from Tazewell County, substance treatment
providers, Lee as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

When a second grant was not received, county leaders decided saving young
people couldn't be hampered by lack of a grant. So, people who have the
expertise are working together to develop their own program.

The program will work with 10 to 15 defendants at a time. If a federal grant
the county is now seeking is approved, the number would grow to 100.

A community that looks out for its youth and works to bring those who have
strayed back on track will reap the benefits as much as the young people
will in the future. Tazewell County leaders have taken a major step toward
reducing their drug problem and toward developing more productive citizens. 


End of MAPTalk-Digest V04 #218

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