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MAPTalk-Digest Thursday, December 9 2004 Volume 04 : Number 221

001 Re: [UKCIA] Drug Free America Foundation Endorses House 'Medical' Marij
    From: "SHeath(DPFFLorida)" <>
002 Re: MAP: Re: [UKCIA] Drug Free America Foundation Endorses House 'Medic
    From: "Jack R. Lebowitz" <>
003 Re: AAMC: New - Pre1937 Medical Cannabis mfg. list
    From: Rick Steeb <>
004 US NM: New Mexico PRC Commissioner Arrested for Marijuana
    From: "Jack R. Lebowitz" <>


Subj: 001 Re: [UKCIA] Drug Free America Foundation Endorses House 'Medical' Marijuana Bill
From: "SHeath(DPFFLorida)" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 10:10:17 -0500

FWIW, we can tell you that DFAF is little more than a handful of busybody
ladies here in St. Petersburg FL

They don't even have an office, but instead run the operation out of a
couple of private homes.

That being said, a key participant is Betty Sembler, wife of U.S.
Ambassador to Italy and bigtime Bush fundraiser Melvin Sembler.  As such
they have been able to secure about a half million per year in funding.

Good news is that the money they get appears to be sucked up by said ladies

to pretty much plant flowers.

The 'news story' cited below is nothing more than a Press Release they
issued (as is their normal m.o.) thru "Business Wire", which is nothing
much more than a vanity press type online news service.

It's unlikely that any legitimate press will pick up on the DFAF
endorsement of Souder's bill, though he himself might include them as a
"national group" who supports his proposal.  In that sense, we should be
wary, but believe me, the DFAF is easy to refute.

Their spokesperson Calvina Fay has had maybe 3-4 LTEs printed in the past
couple years and in each case I've personally had PUB LTEs right behind her

thoroughly debunking whatever bullshit she spouts.

Steve in Clearwater

At 09:52 AM 12/9/04, you wrote:
>I sure hope they open this up to include eating and vaporizing.  They
>should also open it up to other benefits like spacticity, nausea etc.
>But alas the DFAF and Souder are narrow minded and not interested in truth.
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>Subject: [UKCIA] Drug Free America Foundation Endorses House 'Medical'
>Marijuana Bill
>FYI - It is not all good
>Drug Free America Foundation Endorses House 'Medical' Marijuana Bill
>12/8/2004 3:22:00 PM
- -
>To: National Desk
>Contact: Lana Beck of the Drug Free America Foundation, 727-828-0211; Web:
>ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Dec. 8 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Drug Free America
>supports Representative Mark Souder and the Safe and Effective Drug Act
>(H.R. 5429). This legislation will educate the public about the harms of
>medical excuse marijuana as well as protect the terminally ill from those
>whose sole intention is to legalize all Schedule I drugs.
>According to Ms. Fay, "What this Bill will do is separate the deceit of the
>drug legalization advocates' hidden agenda from the needs of the terminally
>ill. We have never taken issue with the truly sick who need legitimate
>medicine; we take issue with the wealthy businessmen who want to profit
>their suffering. We also take issue with illegal drug users who want to
>up under the guise of using 'medicine.'"
>This bill will direct the National Institutes of Health to examine the
>available scientific data regarding the safety and effectiveness of smoking
>marijuana. It will also require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to
>post this information and distribute it to public health entities.
>"Accountability is key," says Fay. "If the legalizers are truly
>compassionate towards the ill they should be thrilled about this act
>the effectiveness of marijuana for medical purposes will again be
>researched. Somehow I don't think they will. For it's obvious that the true
>intent of the pushers behind the drug legalization movement is far from
>compassionate and not even close to being scientific."
>The Food and Drug Administration and medical community should decide on
>questions of medicine-not special interest groups, not individuals and
>public opinion. Modern medicine relies on proven scientific research, not
>polling results.
>Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. is a drug prevention organization
>committed to developing, promoting and sustaining global drug strategies,
>policies and laws that will reduce illegal drug use, drug addiction and
>drug-related injury and death. For more information, contact Lana Beck,
>Director of Communications, at (727) 828-0211, after hours, (727) 403-7571,
>or visit .
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Subj: 002 Re: MAP: Re: [UKCIA] Drug Free America Foundation Endorses House 'Medical' Marijuana Bill
From: "Jack R. Lebowitz" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 11:26:27 -0500

At 10:10 12/9/2004, Steve wrote:
>FWIW, we can tell you that DFAF is little more than a handful of busybody 
>ladies here in St. Petersburg FL
>They don't even have an office, but instead run the operation out of a 
>couple of private homes.
>That being said, a key participant is Betty Sembler, wife of U.S. 
>Ambassador to Italy and bigtime Bush fundraiser Melvin Sembler.  As such 
>they have been able to secure about a half million per year in funding. 

Eeeek, I hope you don't have to run into that loathsome b*tch Calvina Fay 
at the Publix!  (Or Betty Sembler, either, although I suppose servants to 
the Semblers leave their gated community to go shopping for their Excellencys).

Those who were watching the C-Span outdoor press conference after the 
Supreme's Raich argument last Monday got to see Fay in action...she was the 
first of the parade of increasingly incoherent prohibitionists to muscle up 
to the microphone to assert "smoked marijuana isn't medicine" and was just 
a clever ruse of the legalizers to corrupt the middle school children of 

All that being said about echo chamber PR and Souder's new bill, they must 
be doing it for *some* reason that they feel gives them some kind of "wedge 
issue" advantage or makes their position look better.

Souder's bill looks like a "liberal" position, but I'm sure they feel FDA 
is safely in their corner and will add little to the debate except (1) 
making it look like another study is going on so that action will be 
deferred, or better that the FDA study will reach prohibition-supporting 
conclusions about "smoked marijuana" and (2) the bill will allow FDA to be 
another bully pulpit to rag medimar supporting physicians and patients, 
like "abortion counseling" which seeks to convince mothers not to abort, or 
"abstinence-based sex education" or similar biased efforts at 
propagandizing or intimidation.

Especially if Souder's bill gets any traction, might it not be a better 
position to deal with  it rather than ignoring it (as much as it might 
deserve to be ignored on its merits).  Should we be talking about including 
vaporizing, balms or other non-smoking methods of taking medimj?

Should we be talking about lowering herbal cannabis to Schedule II in 
return for this apparent misdirection play of Souder which seems to follow 
the tobacco model of "let people use this stuff, but provide government 
warnings and studies that show it's harmful.  How about a bill that adds a 
provision approving the pending University of Massachusetts effort to grow 
high-grade research mj instead of the seeds and stems schwag that's 
produced for the "grandfathered" compassionate use program patients at the 
University of Mississippi?



Subj: 003 Re: AAMC: New - Pre1937 Medical Cannabis mfg. list
From: Rick Steeb <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 17:29:56 -0800 (PST)

Cannabis prohibition is a fraud and crime against humanity.
- --- andrew garret <> wrote:

> List-Software: Majordomo 1.94.4
> Below is the latest list of pre-1937 medical cannabis pharmaceutical
> manufacturers.  It will soon be up on the web site at: 
> LIST OF PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES Known to have a Medical Cannabis
> legacy.
> A
> 	Abbott Laboratories
> 	Allaire Woodward & Co. - Peoria, IL. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
> 	Allan Pfeiffer Chemical Co.  - St. Louis, MO.
> 	F. L. Akers, Pharmacist- .13th & Morris Sts., (southwest corner)
> Philadelphia, PA.
> 	American Druggist Syndicate - Long Island, NY
> [Was acquired by Drug Products Co., Inc. - Mar. 1958]
> 	American Granule & Tablet Co. - 12 E. 7th St., Cincinnati, OH
> 	American Hoechst Corporation
> 	American Home Products (AHP)
> [It is now also known as "Wyeth"]
> 	P.E. Anderson & Co. - 13 Gold St. New York, NY - (sold crude
> botanical
> drugs)
> [Was acquired by S.B. Penick 1925]
> 	W. E. Armstrong
> 	R. W. Andrus Co. (sold crude botanical drugs)
> [Was acquired by P.E. Anderson & Co.]
> 	Aulde Chemical Co., 1305 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa [era 1912]
> B
> 	Battle & Company 4026 Olive St., St. Louis, MO.
> 	Bauer & Black - Chicago, IL.
> 	The Berlin Pharmacal Co. - East Berlin, CT.
> 	Billings Clapp Co. - Boston, MA.
> 	Blue Line Chemical Co. the 28 South 3d St., St. Louis Mo. [Stopped
> Cannabis mfg. 1937]
> 	Boehringer Ingelheim Corp.
> 	Boericke & Tafel - Pharmacy -- 234 Sutter St., San Francisco, (mfg.
> portable drug kit with included cannabis)  - On museum exhibit, San
> Jose
> historical museum.
> 	S.H. boyd & Co. (Druggists and Chemists) of Wooster, Ohio.
> 	Brewer & Co Inc. - 138-146 2nd St., Fall River, MA.
> [Was acquired by Remington Arms Co., Inc. Oct. 1963]
> [Was acquired by Cooper, Tinsley Lab's Inc. - Sept. 1966]
> 	Bristol - Myers - Squibb
> 	H. A. Brownell Co. - 97, 99, 101 Reade St. New York, NY.
> 	Brunswick Tablet Co. - Mfg. Chemist, Chicago, IL. - [Made post-1937
> medical Cannabis products].
> 	Burrough Brothers Mfg Co. - 123 Market Place, Baltimore, MD. -
> [Made
> post-1937 medical Cannabis products].
> 	Brewer & Co. Pharmaceutical chemists Worcester Mass
> 	B. & W.
> C
> 	Cactus Remedy Company -
> 	Caferrilli Brothers, San Antonia Tx. [1] (sold crude botanical
> drugs)
> 	Cenobio Garcia & Co. [1] Laredo Tx.- (sold crude botanical drugs)
> 	Chamberlain Medicine Company - Des Moines, Iowa.
> 	Charles Frosst & Co. (Canadian firm - mfg. Cannabis Americana)
> 	Charlotte Drug Co. - Charlotte, MI.
> 	Chapman Green & Co. - 91 Washington St., Chicago, IL.
> 	Cheney & Myrick - No. 18 Union St., Boston, MA. - (sold crude
> botanical
> drugs.)
> Chicago Pharmacal Co. 5547 E. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL. [Stopped
> Cannabis mfg. 1937] [Was acquired by Alcon Lab's - Feb. 1962]
> 	Clinton E. Worden & Co. - 214-220 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA.
> 	Columbus Pharmacal Co. - Columbus Ohio.
> [Was acquired by Philips Roxane, Inc. Division of Philips
> Electronics]
> 	Connaught Laboratories
> [Acquired by Pasteur Merieux Serums & Vaccins]
> 	Cooper Medicine Co of Dayton Ohio
> 	Craddock & CO. Proprietors -  No.225 N 2d St. Philadelphia, PA.
> [era 1901]
> D
> 	Da-Ka-Ta Medicine Co. - P.O. Box 17, Indianapolis, IN.
> 	Denver Manufacturing Co.
> [Was acquired by "Factor, Max & Co. - Nov. 1967]
> 	Deutsche Gold & Silber-Scheideanstalt Co. (German company)
> 	Dios Chemical
> 	The Druggist Cooperative Co. - St. Louis, MO.
> E,F
> 	R.J. Filliers Son Co.  - (sold crude botanical drugs)
> 	Lehn & Fink Company - 120 William St., New York, NY.
> [Was acquired by Sterling Drugs, Inc. - March 1966]
> 	Fougera & Co., Inc, E., 75 Varick St. New York, N.Y. [Sold Cannabis
> cigarettes 1901 - 1938]
> 	The Fraser Tablet Company - 262 5th Ave., New York, NY
> 	Frederick Stearns & Co. - Detroit, MI.
> [Was acquired by Winthrop Stearns Lab's, Division of Sterling Drug,
> Inc.
> July 1947]
> G
> 	Ganapol Research Laboratories, 2718 Morris Ave., New York, N.Y.
> 	Geo. Please (a Drug Store)- Sebastopol, CA
> 	George I. McElway, Apothecary (Firm) (era 1890) Philadelphia, PA;
> 1410
> Walnut Street.
> 	Glaxo - Smith Kline
> 	Golden Pride, Florida
> [Originally a part of W.T. Rawleigh]
> 	Grimault and Sons - (French firm)
> 	Great American Herb Co. - Washington, DC.
> 	A.G. GRoblewski -  Plymouth Pa. made Linden Cough Balsam Plymouth
> Pa.
> 	TLA Greve & Bro.  South-east corner of 6th and John St. (southeast
> corner), Cincinnati, OH.
> H
> 	Hance Brothers & White - Philadelphia, PA.
> 	S.H. Hanna Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
> 	Dr. Hess & Clark Inc. - Ashland, OH.
> 	R. Hillier's Son Co. - 100 William St., New York, NY. (sold crude
> botanical drugs)
> [Was acquired by S.B. Penick early 1930's]
> 	Hillside Chemical Co. Newburg, N.Y. [1] (sold crude botanical
> drugs)
> 	C.L. Hisking - (sold crude botanical drugs)
> 	Hollings-Smith Co., Orangeburg, N.Y. - (sold drugs under the trade
> name
> Bell's)
> 	J.L. Hopkins & Co. - 220 Broadway, New York City, NY. (sold crude
> botanical drugs)
> [Was acquired by S.B. Penick June 1953]
> 	Huber & Fuhrman Drug Mills - Fond Du Lac., WI. (sold crude
> botanical drugs)
> 	J. T. Huffman -  Manito, IL. (sold crude botanical drugs) stopped
> dealing after 1937.
> 	Humphreys' Homeopathic Medicine Co. - 109 Fulton St., New York, NY.
> I,J,K
> 	Frederick F. Ingram & Co. - 37--39 Larned St., West Detroit, MI.
> 	J. Armengol  Laredo Tx. (era 1916) [1] - (sold crude botanical
> drugs)
> 	Johnson And Johnson
> 	Kramer Pharmacal Co. Buffalo, N.Y.
> 	B. Keith & Co. - New York, NY.
> 	Keysall Pharmacal Co. -  Kansas City, MI.
> 	Korn Pop Remedy Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
> L
> 	John P. Lee Drug House - W. Harrison & Springfield & 5th Ave.,
> Chicago, IL.
> 	Lewis Bear Drug Co. Montgomery, Ala
> 	Liebig's - Could be a store brand, mfg. a Corn remover
> 	Linden Cough Balsam Plymouth Pa. -
> 	Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis In.
> 	Luyties Pharmacal Company - 4200 Laciede Ave., St. Louis MO.
> 	Lloyd Brothers, Pharmacists Inc
> [Originally a part of "H. Merrell Co."]
> [Acquired by S.B. Penick 1936 ; Was acquired by American Hoechst
> Corp.
> July 1960]
> M
> 	The Maltbie Chemical Co. - 250 High St., Newark, NJ.
> [Was acquired by Wallace & Tiernan, Inc. Nov. 1954 ]
> 	McIlvaine Brothers - 1500-20 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, PA. (sold
> crude
> botanical drugs)
> 	McKesson & Robbins, Inc.
> [Originally called "McKesson & Robins"] [Renamed Foremost-McKesson,
> Inc. -
> July 1967]
> 	McNeil Laboratories, Inc. - 2900 N. 17th St. Philadelphia, Pa.
> [Acquired by Johnson & Johnson - Jan. 1959]
> 	MERCK & CO.
> 	William S. Merrell & Co. (Not to be confused with Lloyds Brothers.)
> Cincinnati, OH.
> 	Mexican Products Co.[1] Laredo Tx - - (sold crude botanical drugs)
> 	Meyer Brothers Drug Co., St. Louis , Missouri [1] - (sold crude
> botanical drugs)
> 	S.E. Massengill Company of Bristol, Tenn.
> 	Mobile  Drug Co., 15-17 South Water St., Mobile Al. [wholesale drug
> distributor - Stopped supplying Cannabis 1937] - [Was acquired by
> Dorr
> Drug Co. Aug. 1959]
> 	H.K. Mulford Co.
> [Acquired by Merck & Co.]
> 	Murray Nickle Mfg. Co. -  Elgin, IL. (sold crude botanical drugs)
> [Acquired by S.B. Penick 1937]
> N
> 	National Drug Co.
> 	Near's Drug Store, Inc, 137 Broadway Paterson N.J.
> 	Nelson Baker & Co. - Detroit, MI.
> [Was acquired by Purepac Corp. - Feb 1950]
> 	New York Alkaloid & Extract Co. - 100 William St., New York, NY.
> 	Norwich Pharmical Co. - Norwich, New York
> O,P
> 	Orion Pharmacal Co. - 1721 E. 85th St. Chicago, IL. (made post-1937
> products)
> 	Otto Jafnel, Prop. - Deutsche Apotheke Liberty, New York -
> (Jafnel's
> Famous Corn Popper).
> 	Parke, Davis & Co
> [Acquired by Pfeiffer Inc.]
> 	Pasteur Merieux Serums & Vaccins
> [acquired Connaught Laboratories]
> 	E.L. Patch Co. - 99 North St. Boston, Mass.
> 	Pearl Day Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
> 	Peek & Velsor - 9 Gold St., New York, NY. (sold crude botanical
> drugs)
=== message truncated ==

"Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest 
therapeutically active substances known to man." 
 --DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis J. Young, Sept 6, 1988

"I believe each state can choose that decision as they so choose." 
 --George W. Bush, Oct 16, 1999 [see also Raich v Ashcroft]

"Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation."
 -- Henry Kissinger


Subj: 004 US NM: New Mexico PRC Commissioner Arrested for Marijuana
From: "Jack R. Lebowitz" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 20:50:49 -0500

Interesting story here.

New Mexico Public Service Commissioner gets busted for less than an ounce 
of stash in her checked baggage flying out of Albuquerque International on 
enroute to a conference.

An "alarm used to detect explosives" were found in a container that 
contained some pot and a glass piece.

She's busted and out on bail, obviously missing her flight.

She's a "zero tolerance" beaatch as a manager in her government workplace.

Governor Bill Richardson, that oh-so-Democratic hopeful Hispanic 
apparatchik from the Clinton Administration who replaced the truly 
forward-thinking and courageous former Republican Governor Gary Johnston (a 
true anti-WOD hero), took time out of his apparently not terribly busy day 
to emphasize the extreme gravity of the situation "This is a serious 
offense, which will carry serious consequences and she will have to deal 
with that", he bloviated.

Extra barf credit: Check out the (largely unsympathetic) public comments at

 From deep in the USSA,


>Newshawk: Jackl
>Pubdate: Thu, 09 Dec 2004
>Source: Santa Fe New Mexican (NM)
>Copyright: 2004 The Santa Fe New Mexican
>Author: Mary Perea
>Bookmark: (Cannabis)
>Bookmark: (Terrorism)
>ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) --  A member of the powerful state Public Regulation
>Commission who advocated zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol in the PRC
>workplace has been arrested on drug charges.
>E. Shirley Baca, 53, of Las Cruces, was taken into custody shortly after 7
>a.m. Wednesday at Albuquerque's international airport.
>A container with a glass pipe and green, leafy substance that tested
>positive as marijuana was found in Baca's suitcase, according to a
>Metropolitan Court criminal complaint.
>The suitcase was checked in with the airline to be loaded onto the
>airplane, said John Roberts, deputy chief of Albuquerque Aviation Police.
>An alarm used to detect explosives alerted federal security screeners to
>the bag.
>A search revealed less than an ounce of marijuana, Roberts said.
>Baca, who had already passed through security, was paged over the intercom
>system, located at a Delta Airlines gate and arrested.
>When questioned, Baca allegedly told the officer that she smoked marijuana
>occasionally, according to the complaint.
>"(I'm) not going to admit that that is mine," Baca told the officer when
>shown the container of marijuana, the complaint states.
>Baca was booked into the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center on
>misdemeanor charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession
>of drug paraphernalia. She posted $1,000 bond by early afternoon.
>An arraignment is scheduled Dec. 27, a court spokeswoman said.
>PRC Commissioner David King said he was stunned when told by the Associated
>Press that Baca had been arrested.
>"I know that she was one of the advocates to have zero tolerance for drugs
>or alcohol" at the PRC, King said. She advocated immediate dismissal of any
>PRC employee when it comes to drugs or alcohol, he said.
>"We have a lot of sensitive positions here. We just can't tolerate that
>(drugs and alcohol). I think that, as commissioners, we have to set a
>strong example," King said.
>Baca was scheduled to take a flight Wednesday to New York City to
>participate in an investment conference, King said.
>A message left seeking comment at Baca's Santa Fe office was not
>immediately returned. Baca's secretary, Jesse Ramirez, was surprised to
>learn of Baca's arrest but said she could not comment further.
>Baca, a Democrat, was elected in 2002 for a four-year term to the
>five-member PRC, which oversees electricity and gas rates, insurance,
>pipelines, telecommunications, fire districts and transportation in New 
>Gov. Bill Richardson said nobody is above the law.
>"This is a serious offense, which will carry serious consequences and she
>will have to deal with that," Richardson said.
>Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy said the news came as a big surprise.
>"I'm going to refrain from passing any judgment because I really don't know
>all the details," Lovejoy said.
>Patrick Baca, commission chief of staff, declined comment.
>Baca's arrest is the latest in a series of embarrassing busts for
>high-profile officials in New Mexico.
>John Brennan, former chief state district judge in Bernalillo County, was
>arrested in May after trying to duck a checkpoint for drunken drivers. He
>pleaded guilty to aggravated driving while intoxicated and cocaine
>possession and was sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation.
>Rep. Joe Thompson, R-Albuquerque, in April pleaded guilty to drunken
>driving after he was stopped by Albuquerque police.
>E. Shirley Baca was a state representative from 1993 to 1996. She also made
>unsuccessful bids against the late Joe Skeen for the 2nd Congressional
>District seat in 1996 and 1998.


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