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MAPTalk-Digest Tuesday, December 6 2005 Volume 05 : Number 145

001 Press Release: Crackheads gone wild
    From: "Jim White" <>
002 FBI: White Collar Crime Not Victimless
    From: Beth Wehrman <>
003 Cong Hearing on Pain Tommorrow; please take this EZaction
    From: "D.H. Michon" <>


Subj: 001 Press Release: Crackheads gone wild
From: "Jim White" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 09:10:31 -0800

      Press Release Source: XTREEME FILMS, L.L.C. 

Uncensored Documentary on Rampant Crack Cocaine Use in America 'Crackheads Gone Wild' Set for National Release on Tuesday, December 6, Promises to be the Most Controversial Drug Abuse Film in 10 Years
Monday December 5, 11:55 am ET 

ATLANTA, Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the United States Center For Disease Control and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Crack Cocaine use in the U.S. is on an unprecedented rise, especially in the nation's urban centers. 
To address the growing scourge of this drug on the lives, families and communities affected by its use and the users, a group of Atlanta based filmmakers (XTREEME FILMS, L.L.C.) have produced one of the most controversial uncensored documentaries on Crack Cocaine use in America, "CRACKHEADS GONE WILD" with stunning and graphic depictions of actual users and the lengths they will go to proliferate and sustain their addiction. 

Executive Producers Leon Lumsden and Gregory Wings along with the film's Director and Executive Producer Daryl Smith have brought the Crack Cocaine underworld with actual footage taken on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia and inside of an actual Crack Cocaine house. 

The 55 minute documentary film while replete with humorous anecdotes is one of the most serious and disturbing assessments of the rampant use of this inexpensive and highly addicting drug. 

CRACKHEADS GONE WILD is a new and contemporary version of "Scared Straight" an earlier documentary on juvenile crime and the negative road to prison that youth can expect with continued criminal involvement. 

The documentary shows the destructive nature of Crack Cocaine through the eyes of actual users who have experienced the devastation of addiction, and how the users cover the racial, ethnic and socio-economic spectrum of our society. 

Because of the graphic and uncensored nature of the documentary, the filmmakers are offering it through its website , and through a network of independent outlets located throughout the country. 

A censored version suitable for instructional use in educational institutions is being developed for release later this month. 

Copies of the documentary CRACKHEADS GONE WILD is available for media distribution, and interviews with the film producers and directors are available by contacting The FMG/Glenn Group at 713-320-7788/713-256-6243 or via email at  . 



CRACKHEADS GONE WILD, A Hood Documentary Film, An Xtreeme Films Production, In Association With DirectMuzic Entertainment. 

CRACKHEADS GONE WILD ... Real Life. Real Stories. Take a look at modern day casualties of the lost war on drugs. Although we fight, lives are being taken everyday. CRACKHEADS GONE WILD offers you the truth you don't see, and answers the questions you don't ask. 

Why crack? How did it get started? What have you lost? Don't let the name fool you, CRACKHEADS GONE WILD is the most realistic view into the world of crack heads in America. This is their story, their voice, their life. 


XTREEME FILMS, L.L.C., A Film Production Company based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

XTREEME FILMS, L.L.C. is a fully integrated independent film company. In addition to its primary film division, Xtreeme Films has divisions devoted to home entertainment, television, music and music video production. 

     Leon "Sharky" Lumsden
     Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
     Executive Producer

     Gregory Jerome Wings, Jr. "G Money"
     Chief Financial Officer
     Executive Producer

     Daryl "Master Mind" Smith
     Director & Executive Producer

     Deadrian Troupe
     Producer, Art Director, Film Editor & Cinematographer

     Documentary Co-Director & Videographer

     James JB Brown
     Director of Marketing & Promotions

     Donald Fields
     Public Relations & Communications Advisor

     Jenni Girtman, Unit Photographer

     Sean Clinkscale, Unit Graphics Advisor

     Harvey Glenn, Unit Publicist

     Erica Calhoun, Unit Media Relations Coordinator

     Harvey Glenn, 713-320-7788
     D. L. Fields, 713-256-6243

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Subj: 002 FBI: White Collar Crime Not Victimless
From: Beth Wehrman <>
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 08:16:21 -0600

FBI: White Collar Crime Not Victimless

by Jim Kouri, CPP

Since the 1990s, tremendous growth of and involvement in the 
securities and commodities markets at the institutional, corporate, 
and private investor levels have led to great numbers of individuals 
involved in intentional corporate fraud and misconduct, particularly 
senior corporate executives. For example, the FBI is currently 
investigating over 189 major corporate frauds, 18 of which have 
losses over $1 billion. The erosion of public confidence in the 
management of public companies will, if left unchecked, have a 
negative impact on the stock markets and capital raising, which will 
in turn have a negative impact throughout the US economy.

Because government fraud is inextricably linked to the FBI's 
obligation to combat public corruption and national security threats, 
the FBI focuses efforts on major schemes with those links. Because 
serious public health and safety concerns relate to environmental 
crime, the FBI will enhance its working relationships with federal, 
state, and local investigative and regulatory agencies to address 
this crime problem. The FBI will also focus on bankruptcy and 
antitrust offenses having the greatest negative economic impact.

Health care fraud continues to plague the United States, with losses 
exceeding $50 billion annually. Frauds involving durable medical 
equipment, staged auto accidents, and medical transportation services 
are examples of this pervasive crime problem. In addition to 
Medicare/Medicaid and private insurers, state providers lose billions 
of dollars per year to blatant fraud schemes in every sector of the 
health care industry. As health care spending increases over the 
coming years with the aging of the "baby boom" generation and 
Medicare prescription drug coverage, health care fraud is expected to 
have a corresponding increase.

Financial institution fraud continues to be a significant white 
collar crime problem throughout the country. Since 9/11, the FBI has 
refocused its FIF program and is now investigating higher-priority 
cases to a much greater degree. Large-scale mortgage fraud and 
identity theft operations, many perpetrated by organized criminal 
enterprises, also continue to plague the United States.

Aggressive use of anti-money laundering statutes and forfeiture of 
ill-gotten assets are integral parts of nearly every financial crime 
prosecution. Many top executives involved in corporate scandals have 
been charged with money laundering in addition to other criminal 
violations. Additionally, corrupt money launderers introduce illegal 
proceeds into the financial community, and this asset flow must be 
reduced through aggressive prosecution, seizure, and forfeiture.

The ability of the US Government and industry to function effectively 
is likewise threatened by complex frauds. The amount of taxpayer 
funds involved in the government procurement process is staggering, 
as billions of dollars are spent each year on everything from 
highways to rockets. The GAO estimates that as much as 10 percent of 
appropriated funds for domestic programs may be lost to fraud in the 
government procurement and contracting process, and this type of 
crime is critically linked to public corruption imperatives.

Insurance, telemarketing, and investment frauds often operate across 
jurisdictional and international boundaries. When losses to 
individual victims are aggregated, the economic impact can be 
dramatic. Additionally, antitrust offenses and bankruptcy fraud have 
a significant negative affect on the US economy, and environmental 
crimes represent a serious threat to the public health and natural 
resources of our nation.

The FBI will continue its successful efforts in the white collar 
crime arena by using its expertise, broad criminal investigative 
resources, and strong relationships with regulatory agencies to 
maintain public confidence in the country's financial institutions 
and markets, ensure the integrity of government expenditures of 
taxpayer funds, and protect individuals and businesses from 
catastrophic economic loss.

Fraud by company executives and those in positions of trust not only 
damages stockholders, but also erodes public confidence in the 
corporate community at large. The FBI will continue increasing its 
efforts in this area by using agents and analysts with high degrees 
of expertise in financial investigations. The sheer complexity of 
illegal corporate transactions require extraordinary time and 
commitment to investigate.

Telemarketing fraud typically targets the elderly, one of the most 
vulnerable segments of our society. The FBI will focus on major 
telemarketing enterprises, recognizing the difficulties faced by 
state and local investigators because criminal operations typically 
cross jurisdictional lines  often internationally. Insurance and 
investment fraud have similar multi-jurisdictional attributes, making 
enterprises difficult to investigate and prosecute by state and local agencies.

Sources: Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Attorney's Office - New 
York Southern District, National Association of Chiefs of Police, 
National Security Institute

________________________________________________________ Jim Kouri, 
CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of 
Chiefs of Police. He's former chief at a New York City housing 
project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters 
covering the drug war in the 1980s. He's also served on the National 
Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout 
the country.   He writes for many police and crime magazines 
including Chief of Police, Police Times, The Narc Officer, Campus Law 
Enforcement Journal, and others.   He's appeared as on-air 
commentator for over 100 TV and radio news and talk shows including 
Oprah, McLaughlin Report, CNN Headline News, MTV, Fox News, etc.  His 
book Assume The Position is available atAmazon.Com,, and can be ordered at local bookstores.     


Subj: 003 Cong Hearing on Pain Tommorrow; please take this EZaction
From: "D.H. Michon" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 17:51:31 -0600

Congressional Hearings on Pain are set to begin tommorrow. Please help by 
taking this simple action.

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