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MAPTalk-Digest Thursday, November 16 2006 Volume 06 : Number 138

001 GOP offers syringe alternative
    From: Beth Wehrman <>
002 India: Orissa woman at 125 among oldest in India
    From: Allan Erickson <>
003 US: Wire: Economist Milton Friedman Dies at 94
    From: Richard Lake <>


Subj: 001 GOP offers syringe alternative
From: Beth Wehrman <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 06:44:28 -0800

GOP offers syringe alternative
The state's leading opponent of syringe-access programs for 
intravenous drug users is sponsoring legislation to expand AIDS and 
drug treatment facilities in the state.

State Sen. Ronald Rice wants the state to provide $100 million for 
outpatient drug abuse treatment and residential HIV/AIDS care 
facilities. State Sen. Tom Kean Jr. who lost the U.S. Senate race to 
Democrat Robert Menendez, also is a sponsor of the bill, which calls 
for $10 million in startup funds for six facilities: three live-in 
sites and three outpatient treatment programs.

"We don't need a needle exchange program to fight AIDS," says Rice, a 
Newark Democrat. "We need to provide additional funding for the 
educational programs and treatment facilities that are already working."

Rice said Broadway House in Newark is the state's only facility 
providing nursing care and social services to HIV/AIDS patients.

The bill next heads to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

New Jersey is the only state that does not provide sterile needles to 
intravenous drug users.

- -- The Associated Press


Subj: 002 India: Orissa woman at 125 among oldest in India
From: Allan Erickson <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 14:15:34 -0800

Is this, like a record, for the world's oldest pothead?
- ------
Orissa woman at 125 among oldest in India

Wednesday November 15 2006 00:00 IST

- -snip-
> Fulla=92s current age, as per a voter photo identity card issued by 
> government in 1995, is 120 years. Fulla loves to smoke ganja and 
> cigars and take palm juice. She also loves steaming hot tea, of which 

> she has several cups daily.
> Fulla has never suffered any debilitating ailment in her long years. 

> =93All these years, cold and cough have been my worst complaints,=94 
> told IANS.
- -snip


Subj: 003 US: Wire: Economist Milton Friedman Dies at 94
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 10:37:39 -0800

Newshawk: Our Reform Nobel Economist Dies
Pubdate: Thu, 16 Nov 2006
Source: Associated Press (Wire)
Copyright: 2006 Associated Press
Author: Justin M. Norton, The Associated Press
Bookmark: (Milton Friedman)


SAN FRANCISCO - Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist 
who advocated an unfettered free market and had the ear of Presidents 
Nixon, Ford and Reagan, died Thursday. He was 94.

Friedman died in San Francisco, said Robert Fanger, a spokesman for 
the Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation in Indianapolis. He did 
not know the cause of death.

In more than a dozen books and in his column in Newsweek magazine, 
Friedman championed individual freedom in economics and politics.

His theory of monetarism, adopted in part by the Nixon, Ford and 
Reagan administrations, opposed the traditional Keynesian economics 
that had dominated U.S. policy since the New Deal. He was a member of 
Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board.

His theories won him a Nobel in economics in 1976.

He has used a brilliant mind to advance a moral vision - the vision 
of a society where men and women are free, free to choose, but where 
government is not as free to override their decisions," President 
Bush said in 2002. "That vision has changed America, and it is 
changing the world." 


End of MAPTalk-Digest V06 #138

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