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MAPTalk-Digest Sunday, November 19 2006 Volume 06 : Number 139

001 Will jail help this student?
    From: Herb <>
002 Off Topic? Bill Graham, T-Shirts, etc.
    From: Richard Lake <>


Subj: 001 Will jail help this student?
From: Herb <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 07:29:05 -0800


You may want to add a comment.

Will jail help this student?, 11/16/06, by Herb.


Subj: 002 Off Topic? Bill Graham, T-Shirts, etc.
From: Richard Lake <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 12:04:10 -0800

Looking thru today's print edition of LA Times I read this one:

Not enough there to be MAP archived, but it brought back memories.

Back in '72 Bill Graham set up two benefit concerts for the 
California Marijuana Initiative (CMI), which made the ballot via 
people power, a lot of hard work, no paid signature gathering, as 
Prop. 19. A free, legal, backyard marijuana initiative.

Both concerts, for which some of the hard initiative workers, 
including my Vallejo crew and I got free tickets, are a little hazy 
now - well, you know, we all seemed to have that good herb that is 
now supposed to be so many times stronger then back then, which is 
b.s., I can tell you as a fact.

But what I do remember is the concert where San Francisco Sheriff 
Dick Hongisto was up on the stage, saying something like:

I have a jail full of folks in trouble for drinking, but not one for 
going - and then moving his hand to his lips and making a sucking sound!

Brought the house down, for sure!!!

T-Shirts remind me that I have a substantial collection of CMI 
T-Shirts, many produced in the basement of Tod Mikuriya's place by 
the Berkeley crew. My favorite is probably the "Jocks for Joints" 
one. We, CMI, did make money selling T-Shirts. I made runs thru the 
bay area head shops making deliveries of shirts and donation cans, 
frequently, and a couple of longer trips through most of northern 
California, to both the head shops and county CMI offices (many just 
homes of activists).

Back then we didn't have the 'net to communicate. I lost my phone 
once for a couple weeks because I couldn't pay the long distance 
bill. The CMI headquarters came close one day, with an over $2,000 
bill, but my Vallejo crew went down to San Francisco, spread out to 
homes with copies of petitions from the city, and called signers 
asking for help. Enough folks responded, going by the CMI office, to 
save the day, and the phones.

Oh, and the LAT article also reminds me that among my favorite songs 
is Steppenwolf-The Pusher which you may listen to here:

The other is Monster.



End of MAPTalk-Digest V06 #139

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