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MAPTalk-Digest Friday, May 2 2014 Volume 14 : Number 005

001 US: Justice John Paul Stevens: Marijuana should be legalized
002 Boycott OpenVape


Subj: 001 US: Justice John Paul Stevens: Marijuana should be legalized
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 19:10:36 -0700

Justice John Paul Stevens: Marijuana should be legalized

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said Thursday he believes
the federal government should legalize marijuana.

In an interview with NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, the former justice
said that marijuana should be made legal due to the shifting cultural

“I really think that that’s another instance of, public opinion has
changed and recognized that the distinction between marijuana and
alcoholic beverages is really not much of a distinction,” Stevens said
when asked by host Scott Simon if possessing marijuana should be legal
under federal law. “The alcohol – the prohibition against selling and
dispensing alcoholic beverages has, I think, been generally, there’s a
general consensus that it was not worth the cost.”

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Subj: 002 Boycott OpenVape
Date: Fri, 2 May 2014 13:37:19 -0700

O.penVAPE, the Nation’s Largest Cannabis Brand, Will Test Employees for
Dangerous Drug Abuse

    O.penVAPE, the largest brand in the cannabis industry, has announced
it will begin testing its employees for dangerous drug abuse.

    Todd Mitchem, O.PenVAPE’s chief revenue officer and public
spokesperson, said the company wants to lead by example and reinforce the
important differentiation between cannabis and other scheduled drugs.

    “Unlike dangerous drugs, cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle
that promotes wellness,” Mitchem said. “We always encourage consumers to
use cannabis responsibly, and, as such, we have implemented a
stringent drug policy for our own employees. O.penVAPE understands that,
as the largest brand in the cannabis industry, our view holds weight — and
our view is simple: we won’t tolerate dangerous drug use by our
employees.” [...]

    “We don’t want any misconceptions about the goals of our company. We
promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle,” Mitchem said. “Dangerous drugs
have no place in the workplace, and we maintain the right to drug test any
of our employees. But we accept a person’s right to
choose cannabis for recreation or medicinal benefit.”


End of MAPTalk-Digest V14 #5

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