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MAPTalk-Digest Saturday, August 9 2014 Volume 14 : Number 011

001 research participants needed - topic, incarceration for drug offense
002 book: 'How Many Reds Have You Dropped?'


Subj: 001 research participants needed - topic, incarceration for drug offense
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2014 14:03:51 -0700

posted by Pete at DWR:


    * Adult daughters (at least 18 years old)
    * Identify as Black or African American
    * Father incarcerated as a result of a drug offense
    * Lived with your father prior to his incarceration
    * The incarceration initially occurred when you were a child

    If so please inbox me or email me at . I know
the criteria is strict, but this is only the beginning of my work with
families and incarceration

    COMPENSATION: $20 Visa gift card or cash after 60-90 min interview
completed. Location of interview flexible. Thanks!


Subj: 002 book: 'How Many Reds Have You Dropped?'
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2014 13:52:54 -0700

I recall a book I read once - cheaply printed paperback - entitled (best I
can remember from about 1972), "How Many Reds Have You Dropped?"

It was a fictional anti (?) drug screed about three California high-school
teens who prostituted and doped their way across a series of late-sixties
high-school and dope "scenes".   The drugs included, pot, acid, peyote,
and of course "reds" (Seconal, a barbiturate celebrated in that day).

It reminded me of "Go Ask Alice" but was more colorful and enticing and
over the top, even. And it was distributed by none other than Scholastic
Corp. (if I recall correctly!) which made it all the more a hoot because
huge numbers of public school kids then would receive weekly "Scholastic
Book" catalogs whereupon (in the public schools I attended) the teacher
would dutifully facilitate the orders, collect the order forms and money,
and distribute, weekly, books in from previous orders.

I've googled this for years and repeatedly with no
luck.  It could be I have the title wrong or that Scholastic wishes this
particular title to go down the memory hole, which apparently it has... 
Or has it?

Does anyone here remember ever seeing this (horrible) book?  It would be
fun to scan it (or excerpts at least), and an image of the Scholastic
Corp. logo on the front or rear cover would be priceless too.



End of MAPTalk-Digest V14 #11

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