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Source Directory

100 Mile House Free Press (CN BC) Contact87 Clippings
40-Mile County Commentator, The (CN AB) Contact8 Clippings
Abbotsford News (CN BC) Contact681 Clippings
Abbotsford Times (CN BC) Contact595 Clippings
Adbusters Magazine (Canada) Contact2 Clippings
Advertiser (CN NF) Contact11 Clippings
Agassiz Harrison Observer (CN BC) Contact66 Clippings
Age Dispatch, The (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Airdrie City View (CN AB) Contact30 Clippings
Airdrie Echo (CN AB) Contact74 Clippings
Ajax/Pickering News Advertiser (CN ON) Contact17 Clippings
Alaska Highway News (CN BC) Contact25 Clippings
Alberni Valley News (CN BC) Contact38 Clippings
Alberni Valley Times (CN BC) Contact140 Excerpts
Alberta Sweetgrass (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Aldergrove Star (CN BC) Contact182 Clippings
Alive: Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition (Canada) Contact4 Clippings
Alliston Herald (CN ON) Contact45 Clippings
Almaguin News (CN ON) Contact19 Clippings
Amherst Citizen, The (CN NS) Contact12 Clippings
Amherst News (CN NS) Contact4 Clippings
Amherstburg Echo (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Ancaster News (CN ON) Contact26 Clippings
Annapolis County Spectator; The (CN NS) Contact14 Clippings
Annex Guardian (CN ON) Contact28 Clippings
Aquinian, The (CN NK Edu) Contact1 Clipping
Argosy, The (CN NK Edu) Contact13 Clippings
Argus, The (CN ON Edu) Contact5 Clippings
Arnprior Weekender (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Arrow Lakes News (CN BC) Contact19 Clippings
Arthur Enterprise News (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, The (CN BC) Contact29 Clippings
Asian Pacific Post, The (CN BC) Contact18 Clippings
Athabasca Advocate, The (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Aurora Banner, The (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Aurora Newspaper, The (CN NS) Contact2 Clippings
Aurora, The (CN NF) Contact41 Clippings
Bancroft This Week (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Bancroft Times, The (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Banff Crag & Canyon, The (CN AB) Contact19 Clippings
Banner, The (CN ON) Contact38 Clippings
Barrhaven - Ottawa South This Week (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Barrhaven Independent (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Barrhead Leader, The (CN AB) Contact5 Clippings
Barrie Advance, The (CN ON) Contact52 Clippings
Barrie Examiner (CN ON) Contact101 Clippings
Barry's Bay This Week (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
BC Business (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
BC Catholic, The (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
BC Medical Journal (CN BC) Contact6 Clippings
Beach-Riverdale Mirror (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Beacon Herald, The (CN ON) Contact61 Clippings
Beacon Star (CN ON) Contact11 Clippings
Beacon, The (CN NF) Contact8 Clippings
Beatroute Magazine (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Beaumont News (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Bedford Sackville Weekly News, The (CN NS) Contact1 Clipping
Belleville News EMC (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Bloor West Villager (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Blue Mountains Courier-Herald, The (CN ON)ForumContact1 Clipping
Bonnyville Nouvelle (CN AB) Contact7 Clippings
Bowen Island Undercurrent (CN BC) Contact10 Clippings
Bracebridge Examiner (CN ON) Contact34 Clippings
Bradford Times (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Bradford West Gwillimbury Topic (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Brampton Guardian (CN ON) Contact34 Clippings
Brandon Sun (CN MB) Contact66 Clippings
Brant News (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Bridge River Lillooet News (CN BC) Contact6 Clippings
Bridgewater Bulletin (CN NS) Contact2 Clippings
Brighton Independent (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Brock Citizen (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Brock Press, The (CN ON Edu)ForumContact14 Clippings
Brooks Bulletin, The (CN AB) Contact25 Clippings
Brunswickan, The (Edu CN NK) Contact7 Clippings
Bugle-Observer (CN NK) Contact11 Clippings
Bulletin, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Burlington Post (CN ON) Contact112 Clippings
Burnaby Newsleader (CN BC) Contact113 Clippings
Burnaby Now, The (CN BC) Contact122 Clippings
Burnside News, The (CN NS) Contact1 Clipping
Business Edge (Canada) Contact6 Clippings
Business In Vancouver (CN BC) Contact42 Clippings
Caledon Citizen (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Caledon Enterprise, The (CN ON) Contact13 Clippings
Caledonia Courier (CN BC) Contact26 Clippings
Calgary 24 Hours (CN AB) Contact5 Clippings
Calgary Country (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Calgary Herald (CN AB) Contact1566 Excerpts
Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Contact1099 Clippings
Cambridge Reporter, The (CN ON) Contact98 Clippings
Cambridge Times (CN ON) Contact34 Clippings
Campbell River Mirror (CN BC) Contact112 Clippings
Camrose Booster, The (CN AB) Contact35 Clippings
Camrose Canadian (CN AB) Contact27 Clippings
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada Web) Contact135 Excerpts
Canadian Champion, The (CN ON) Contact53 Clippings
Canadian Family Physician (Canada) Contact5 Clippings
Canadian Jewish News, The (Canada) Contact5 Clippings
Canadian Journal of Public Health (Canada) Contact1 Clipping
Canadian Medical Association Journal (Canada) Contact55 Clippings
Canadian Press (Canada Wire) Contact44 Clippings
Canadian, The (Canada) Contact2 Clippings
Canmore Leader (CN AB) Contact9 Clippings
Cannabis Culture Contact15 Clippings
Cannabis Health (Canada) Contact6 Clippings
Cape Breton Post (CN NS) Contact80 Clippings
Capilano Courier, The (CN BC Edu) Contact3 Clippings
Capital Xtra! (CN ON) Contact18 Clippings
Carillon (CN SN Edu) Contact12 Clippings
Carillon, The (CN MB) Contact43 Clippings
Carstairs Courier (CN AB) Contact17 Clippings
Casket, The (CN NS) Contact2 Clippings
Castlegar Citizen (CN BC) Contact14 Clippings
Castlegar News (CN BC) Contact53 Clippings
Castlegar Sun, The (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
Catholic Register, The (Canada) Contact2 Clippings
Central Peace Signal, The (CN AB) Contact5 Clippings
Central Plains Herald-Leader (CN MB) Contact3 Clippings
Centretown News (CN ON) Contact21 Clippings
Charlatan, The (CN ON Edu) Contact9 Clippings
Charter, The (CN NF) Contact5 Clippings
Chatham Daily News, The (CN ON) Contact103 Clippings
Chatham Sun (CN ON) Contact13 Clippings
Chatham This Week (CN ON) Contact49 Clippings
Chief, The (CN BC) Contact84 Clippings
Chilliwack Progress (CN BC) Contact286 Clippings
Chilliwack Times (CN BC) Contact245 Clippings
Christian News (Canada)ForumContact4 Clippings
Chronicle Herald (CN NS) Contact355 Clippings
Chronicle, The (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Chronicle, The (CN QU) Contact16 Clippings
Chronicle, The (West Lorne, CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Chronicle-Journal, The (CN ON) Contact49 Clippings
Citizen, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Citizen, The (CN SN) Contact1 Clipping
City Centre Mirror (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
City Journal (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
City Parent (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Claresholm Local Press (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Clarington This Week (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Clearwater Times (CN BC) Contact31 Clippings
Clinton News-Record (CN ON) Contact11 Clippings
Clipper Weekly, The (CN MB) Contact11 Clippings
Clipper, The (CN NS) Contact1 Clipping
Cloverdale Reporter (CN BC) Contact12 Clippings
Coast Reporter (CN BC) Contact122 Clippings
Coast, The (CN NS) Contact17 Clippings
Coaster (CN NF) Contact16 Clippings
Cobourg Daily Star (CN ON) Contact31 Clippings
Cochrane Eagle (CN AB) Contact10 Clippings
Cochrane Times (CN AB) Contact28 Clippings
Cochrane Times-Post (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Colchester Weekly News (NS) Contact1 Clipping
Cold Lake Sun, The (CN AB) Contact7 Clippings
Columbia Journal (CN BC) Contact3 Clippings
Columbia Valley Pioneer, The (CN BC) Contact21 Clippings
Common Ground (CN BC) Contact6 Clippings
Community Press, The (CN ON) Contact18 Clippings
Comox Valley Echo (CN BC) Contact62 Excerpts
Comox Valley Record (CN BC) Contact146 Clippings
Compass, The (CN NF) Contact7 Clippings
Concordian, The (CN QU Edu) Contact23 Clippings
Connection, The (CN ON) Contact11 Clippings
Consort Enterprise, The (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Cord Weekly, The (CN ON Edu) Contact5 Clippings
Coronach Triangle News (SN) Contact1 Clipping
Coronation Review (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Courier-Islander (CN BC) Contact12 Excerpts
Cowichan News Leader (CN BC) Contact75 Clippings
Cowichan Valley Citizen (CN BC) Contact30 Clippings
Cranbrook Daily Townsman (CN BC) Contact28 Clippings
Creston Valley Advance (CN BC) Contact39 Clippings
Crowsnest Pass Herald (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Crowsnest Pass Promoter (CN AB) Contact7 Clippings
Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Contact239 Clippings
Daily Courier, The (Vernon, CN BC) Contact9 Clippings
Daily Gleaner (CN NK) Contact78 Clippings
Daily Graphic (CN MB) Contact14 Clippings
Daily Herald-Tribune, The (CN AB) Contact141 Clippings
Daily News, The (CN NS) Contact427 Clippings
Daily Observer, The (Pembroke, CN ON) Contact12 Clippings
Daily Press, The (CN ON) Contact86 Clippings
Dalhousie Gazette, The (CN NS Edu) Contact9 Clippings
Dauphin Herald, The (CN MB) Contact3 Clippings
Dawson Creek Daily News (CN BC) Contact8 Clippings
Dawson Trail Dispatch (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
Deh Cho Drum (CN NT) Contact3 Clippings
Delhi News-Record, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Delta Optimist (CN BC) Contact83 Clippings
Devon Dispatch News (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Didsbury Review, The (CN AB) Contact23 Clippings
Digby Courier, The (CN NS) Contact8 Clippings
Discovery Islander (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Dose (CN BC) Contact5 Clippings
Drayton Valley Western Review (CN AB) Contact32 Clippings
Drum, The (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
Drumheller Mail, The (CN AB) Contact7 Clippings
Drumheller Valley Times (CN AB) Contact6 Clippings
Dryden Observer (CN ON)ForumContact6 Clippings
Dundas Star News (CN ON) Contact13 Clippings
Eagle Valley News (CN BC) Contact22 Clippings
East York Mirror (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Eastern Door, The (CN QU) Contact20 Clippings
Eastern Graphic, The (CN PI) Contact5 Clippings
Eastern Ontario Agrinews (CN ON)ForumContact4 Clippings
Echo Weekly (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Eckville Echo (CN AB) Contact3 Clippings
Edmonton 24 Hours (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Edmonton Examiner, The (CN AB) Contact23 Clippings
Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Contact1173 Excerpts
Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Contact1507 Clippings
Edson Leader (CN AB) Contact95 Clippings
Elk Valley Miner, The (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Elmira Independent (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Embassy (Canada) Contact5 Clippings
Endeavour, The (CN AB Edu) Contact7 Clippings
Enterprise-Bulletin, The (CN ON) Contact10 Clippings
Equity, The (CN QU) Contact1 Clipping
Era, The (CN ON, Newmarket) Contact3 Clippings
Esquimalt News (CN BC) Contact83 Clippings
Estevan Mercury (CN SN) Contact4 Clippings
Etobicoke Guardian (CN ON) Contact35 Clippings
Excalibur (CN ON Edu) Contact23 Clippings
Expositor, The (CN ON) Contact104 Clippings
Express (CN BC) Contact41 Clippings
Express (CN NF) Contact8 Clippings
Express (Nelson, CN BC) Contact33 Clippings
Eye Weekly (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Eyeopener, The (CN ON Edu) Contact5 Clippings
Fairview Post (CN AB) Contact14 Clippings
Fergus-Elora News Express (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
FFWD (CN AB) Contact34 Clippings
Filipino Post , The (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
First Perspective (Canada) Contact5 Clippings
Flamborough Post (CN ON) Contact20 Clippings
Flamborough Review (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Folio (CN AB Edu) Contact2 Clippings
Fort Erie Times (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Fort Frances Times (CN ON) Contact42 Clippings
Fort McMurray Today (CN AB) Contact52 Clippings
Fort Saskatchewan Record, The (CN AB) Contact67 Clippings
Fort Saskatchewan This Week (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Fox Creek Times (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Frank Magazine (CN ON)ForumContact4 Clippings
Free Press, The (CN ON) Contact12 Clippings
Free Press, The (Fernie, CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Frontenac News (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Fulcrum, The (U of Ottawa, CN ON Edu) Contact8 Clippings
Gabriola Sounder (CN BC) Contact16 Clippings
Gananoque Reporter (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Gateway, The (U of Alberta, CN AB Edu) Contact21 Clippings
Gauntlet, The (CN AB Edu) Contact25 Clippings
Gazette Vaudreuil-Soulanges (CN QU) Contact1 Clipping
Gazette, The (London, CN ON Edu) Contact28 Clippings
Georgia Straight, The (CN BC) Contact205 Clippings
Georgian (CN NF) Contact6 Clippings
Georgina Advocate (CN ON) Contact12 Clippings
Glanbrook Gazette (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Gleaner, The (CN QU) Contact1 Clipping
Globe and Mail (Canada) Contact2214 Clippings
Goderich Signal-Star (CN ON) Contact11 Clippings
Golden Star (CN BC) Contact31 Clippings
Goldstream Gazette (Victoria, CN BC) Contact101 Clippings
Grand Forks Gazette (CN BC) Contact124 Clippings
Grand River Sachem (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Grande Prairie Ink (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Graphic, The (Portage la Prairie, CN MB) Contact16 Clippings
Grassroots News (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
Gravenhurst Banner (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Grenfell Sun & Broadview Express (CN SN) Contact2 Clippings
Grimsby Lincoln News, The (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Guardian, The (CN PI) Contact108 Excerpts
Guelph Mercury (CN ON) Contact226 Clippings
Guelph Tribune (CN ON) Contact10 Clippings
Gulf Islands Driftwood (CN BC) Contact16 Clippings
Gulf News, The (CN NF) Contact7 Clippings
Haida Gwaii Observer (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
Haliburton County Echo, The (CN ON) Contact7 Clippings
Halifax Magazine (CN NS) Contact1 Clipping
Hamilton Mountain News (CN ON) Contact27 Clippings
Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Contact429 Clippings
Hanna Herald (CN AB) Contact8 Clippings
Hanover Post, The (CN ON) Contact27 Clippings
Hants Journal, The (CN NS) Contact2 Clippings
Harbour City Star (CN BC) Contact6 Excerpts
Hardisty World, The (CN AB) Contact3 Clippings
Headliner, The (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
HEADS Contact1 Clipping
Herald, The (Winnipeg, CN MB) Contact5 Clippings
here (Saint John, CN NK) Contact9 Clippings
High River Times (CN AB) Contact15 Clippings
Hill Times, The (Ottawa, CN ON) Contact17 Clippings
Hope Standard (CN BC) Contact100 Clippings
Hour Magazine (CN QU) Contact45 Clippings
Houston Today (CN BC) Contact13 Clippings
Hub, The (CN NT) Contact10 Clippings
Hudson/St. Lazare Gazette (CN QU) Contact35 Clippings
Humber Et Cetera (Humber College, CN ON Edu) Contact4 Clippings
Humber Log, The (CN NF) Contact1 Clipping
Humboldt Journal (CN SN) Contact1 Clipping
Huntsville Forester, The (CN ON) Contact42 Clippings
Huron Expositor, The (CN ON) Contact11 Clippings
Huronia Business Times (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Imprint (CN ON Edu) Contact17 Clippings
Independent & Free Press, The (CN ON) Contact22 Clippings
Independent, The (CN NF) Contact2 Clippings
Ingersoll Times (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Innisfail Province (CN AB) Contact19 Clippings
Innisfil Examiner (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Innisfil Journal (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Inside Stratford/Perth (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Intelligencer, The (CN ON) Contact125 Clippings
Interlake Spectator, The (CN MB) Contact26 Clippings
Inuvik Drum (CN NT) Contact5 Clippings
Inverness Oran, The (CN NS) Contact2 Clippings
Jasper Booster (CN AB) Contact42 Clippings
Journal Argus (CN ON) Contact16 Clippings
Journal, The (CN NS Edu) Contact1 Clipping
Journal, The (CN ON Edu) Contact9 Clippings
Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Contact75 Clippings
Kamloops Daily News (CN BC) Contact315 Clippings
Kamloops This Week (CN BC) Contact341 Clippings
Kanata Kourier - Standard (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Kawartha Lakes This Week (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Contact402 Clippings
Kenora Daily Miner And News (CN ON) Contact47 Clippings
Kenora Enterprise (CN ON) Contact15 Clippings
Kimberley Daily Bulletin (CN BC) Contact6 Clippings
Kincardine Independent, The (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Kincardine News (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
King Township Sentinel, The (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Kings County Advertiser, The (CN NS) Contact3 Clippings
Kings County Record (CN NK) Contact13 Clippings
Kingston This Week (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Kingston Whig-Standard (CN ON) Contact165 Clippings
Kitimat Northern Sentinel (CN BC) Contact17 Clippings
Kivalliq News (CN NU) Contact4 Clippings
Klondike Sun (CN YK) Contact1 Clipping
Kootenay Eye, The (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Kootenay News Advertiser (CN BC) Contact30 Clippings
Kootenay Western Star (CN BC) Contact16 Clippings
Labradorian, The (CN NF) Contact16 Clippings
Lac du Bonnet Leader (CN MB) Contact17 Clippings
Lac La Biche Post (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Lacombe Globe, The (CN AB) Contact28 Clippings
Ladysmith Chronicle (CN BC) Contact20 Clippings
Lake Country Calendar (CN BC) Contact34 Clippings
Lake Country News (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Lake Cowichan Gazette, The (CN BC) Contact26 Clippings
Lakes District News (CN BC) Contact17 Clippings
Lakeshore Advance (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Lakeside Leader, The (CN AB)ForumContact9 Clippings
Lance, The (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
Langley Advance (CN BC) Contact448 Clippings
Langley Times (CN BC) Contact352 Clippings
Laval News, The (CN QU) Contact6 Clippings
Law Times (Canada) Contact23 Clippings
Lawyers Weekly, The (Canada) Contact4 Clippings
Leamington Post (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Leaside-Rosedale Town Crier (CN ON) Contact10 Clippings
Leduc Representative (CN AB) Contact66 Clippings
Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Contact218 Clippings
Liberal, The (CN ON) Contact42 Clippings
Lindsay Post, The (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Link, The (CN QU Edu) Contact19 Clippings
Listowel Banner (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Lloydminster Source (CN SN) Contact4 Clippings
London Community News (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
London Free Press (CN ON) Contact642 Clippings
Londoner, The (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Lookout (CN BC) Contact8 Clippings
Lucknow Sentinel (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Lunenburg Progress Enterprise (CN NS) Contact5 Clippings
Maclean's Magazine (Canada)ForumContact51 Clippings
Macleod Gazette, The (CN AB) Contact10 Clippings
Manitoban, The (CN MB, Edu) Contact12 Clippings
Manitoulin Expositor (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Manotick Messenger (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Maple Creek News-Times (CN SN) Contact2 Clippings
Maple Ridge News (CN BC) Contact400 Clippings
Maple Ridge Times (CN BC) Contact251 Clippings
Marketing Magazine (Canada) Contact1 Clipping
Markham Economist & Sun (CN ON) Contact52 Clippings
Martlet (CN BC Edu) Contact50 Clippings
Mayerthorpe Freelancer (CN AB) Contact39 Clippings
McGill Daily, The (CN QU Edu) Contact56 Clippings
McGill Tribune (CN QU Edu) Contact25 Clippings
Meadow Lake Progress (CN SN) Contact18 Clippings
Meaford Express, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Meaford Independent, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Medical Post (Canada) Contact47 Clippings
Medicine Hat News (CN AB) Contact177 Clippings
Megaphone (CN BC) Contact4 Clippings
Melfort Journal, The (CN SN) Contact13 Clippings
Meliorist, The (CN AB Edu) Contact12 Clippings
Meridian Booster (CN AB) Contact64 Clippings
Merritt Herald (CN BC) Contact103 Clippings
Merritt News (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Metro (Calgary, CN AB) Contact43 Clippings
Metro (Edmonton, CN AB) Contact21 Clippings
Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Contact11 Clippings
Metro (London, CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Metro (Ottawa, CN ON) Contact32 Clippings
Metro (Regina, CN SN) Contact2 Clippings
Metro (Saskatoon, CN SN) Contact3 Clippings
Metro (Toronto, CN ON) Contact21 Clippings
Metro (Vancouver, CN BC) Contact79 Clippings
Metro (Winnipeg, CN MB) Contact5 Clippings
Metro, The (CN MB) Contact3 Clippings
Metropolitain, The (CN QU) Contact1 Clipping
Mid-North Monitor (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Minden Times (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Miramichi Leader (CN NK) Contact29 Clippings
Mirror (CN QU) Contact98 Clippings
Mirror, The (Midland, CN ON) Contact41 Clippings
Mission City Record (CN BC) Contact150 Clippings
Mississauga News (CN ON) Contact142 Clippings
Mississippi Weekender (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Mitchell Advocate (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Moncton This Week (CN NK) Contact4 Clippings
Monday Magazine (CN BC) Contact85 Clippings
Monitor, The (CN QU) Contact1 Clipping
Monitor-Examiner (CN NS) Contact4 Clippings
Montreal Gazette (CN QU) Contact1103 Excerpts
Moose Jaw Times-Herald (CN SN) Contact31 Clippings
Morden Times (CN MB) Contact6 Clippings
Morinville News, The (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Morning Star, The (CN BC) Contact175 Clippings
Mount Forest Confederate (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Mountain View Gazette (CN AB) Contact13 Clippings
Mountaineer, The (Rocky Mountain House, CN AB) Contact6 Clippings
Mountainview Weekly, The (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Muse, The (CN NF Edu) Contact26 Clippings
Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC) Contact406 Excerpts
Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC) Contact446 Clippings
Nanton News (CN AB) Contact20 Clippings
Napanee Guide (CN ON) Contact7 Clippings
Nation (CN QU) Contact1 Clipping
National Post (Canada) Contact1915 Excerpts
National Review of Medicine, The (Canada) Contact2 Clippings
Navigator, The (CN BC Edu) Contact4 Clippings
Neepawa Banner, The (CN MB) Contact9 Clippings
Neepawa Press, The (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
Nelson Daily News (CN BC) Contact274 Clippings
Nelson Star (CN BC) Contact82 Clippings
New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal (CN NK) Contact9 Clippings
New Hamburg Independent (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
New West News Leader (CN BC) Contact16 Clippings
News Review, The (CN SN) Contact38 Clippings
News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS) Contact20 Clippings
Newspaper, The (CN ON Edu) Contact2 Clippings
Niagara Advance (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Niagara Community Newspapers (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Niagara Falls News (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON) Contact46 Clippings
Niagara This Week (CN ON) Contact54 Clippings
Nipawin Journal, The (CN SN) Contact44 Clippings
Nor'wester, The (CN NF) Contact9 Clippings
Norfolk News (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
North Bay Nugget (CN ON) Contact76 Clippings
North Island Gazette (CN BC) Contact94 Clippings
North Island Mid Week (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
North Island News (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
North of 50 (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
North Renfrew Times, The (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
North Shore News (CN BC) Contact330 Clippings
North Shore News, The (CN QU) Contact13 Clippings
North Thompson Star/Journal (CN BC) Contact63 Clippings
North York Mirror (CN ON) Contact22 Clippings
Northern Life (CN ON) Contact32 Clippings
Northern Light, The (CN NK) Contact2 Clippings
Northern News (CN ON) Contact10 Clippings
Northern Ontario Business (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Northern Pen (CN NF) Contact5 Clippings
Northern Times, The (CN ON) Contact7 Clippings
Northern View, The (CN BC) Contact25 Clippings
Northumberland News (CN ON) Contact40 Clippings
Northumberland Today (CN ON) Contact33 Clippings
Northwest Territories News North (CN NT) Contact7 Clippings
Norwich Gazette, The (CN ON) Contact7 Clippings
Nouvelles Parc-Extension News (CN QU) Contact2 Clippings
NOW Magazine (CN ON) Contact158 Clippings
Now, The (Surrey, CN BC) Contact129 Clippings
Nunatsiaq News (CN NU)ForumContact68 Clippings
Nunavut News North (CN NU) Contact7 Clippings
Oak Bay News (CN BC) Contact87 Clippings
Oakville Beaver (CN ON) Contact78 Clippings
Oakville Today (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Observer, The (CN ON) Contact105 Clippings
Observer, The (CN SN) Contact14 Clippings
Oceanside Star (BC) Contact23 Clippings
Oilweek Magazine (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Okanagan Falls Review (CN BC) Contact3 Clippings
Okotoks Western Wheel (CN AB) Contact51 Clippings
Olds Albertan, The (CN AB) Contact21 Clippings
Olds Gazette, The (CN AB) Contact8 Clippings
Oliver Chronicle (CN BC) Contact26 Clippings
Omega, The (CN BC Edu) Contact2 Clippings
Omineca Express (CN BC) Contact18 Clippings
Ontario Farmer (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Ontarion, The (CN ON Edu) Contact3 Clippings
Orangeville Citizen (CN ON) Contact29 Clippings
Orillia Today (CN ON) Contact61 Clippings
Orleans Star, The (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Oshawa Express, The (CN ON) Contact7 Clippings
Oshawa This Week (CN ON) Contact80 Clippings
Osoyoos Times (CN BC) Contact25 Clippings
Other Press, The (CN BC Edu) Contact20 Clippings
Ottawa 24 Hours (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Contact2099 Excerpts
Ottawa South News (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Ottawa South Weekender (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Contact961 Clippings
Ottawa This Week - Nepean (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Ottawa X Press (CN ON) Contact17 Clippings
Outlook (North Vancouver, CN BC) Contact67 Clippings
Over Easy, Please (CN AB) Contact 
Oxbow Herald, The (CN SN) Contact1 Clipping
Oxford Review (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Packet & Times (CN ON) Contact117 Clippings
Packet, The (CN NF) Contact9 Clippings
Paris Star (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Parkdale-Liberty Villager (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Parklander, The (CN AB) Contact51 Clippings
Parksville Qualicum Beach News (CN BC) Contact315 Clippings
Parry Sound North Star (CN ON) Contact34 Clippings
Peace Arch News (CN BC) Contact225 Clippings
Peace Country Farmer (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Peace Country Sun (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Peace River Record-Gazette (CN AB) Contact24 Clippings
Peachland View (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Peak, The (Simon Fraser U, Edu CN BC) Contact15 Clippings
Pelham News (CN ON) Contact 
Peninsula News Review (CN BC) Contact89 Clippings
Penticton Herald (CN BC) Contact77 Clippings
Penticton Western (CN BC) Contact154 Clippings
Petawawa Post (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON) Contact158 Clippings
Peterborough This Week (CN ON) Contact84 Clippings
Petrolia Topic (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Phoenix, The (CN BC Edu) Contact3 Clippings
Pilot, The (CN NF) Contact5 Clippings
Pincher Creek Echo (CN AB) Contact11 Clippings
Pipestone Flyer (CN AB) Contact22 Clippings
Pique Newsmagazine (CN BC) Contact73 Clippings
Planet S (CN SN) Contact2 Clippings
Ponoka News (CN AB) Contact13 Clippings
Port Colborne Leader (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Port Hope Evening Guide (CN ON) Contact15 Clippings
Port Perry Star (CN ON) Contact12 Clippings
Port Perry This Week (CN ON)ForumContact1 Clipping
Post Gazette, The (CN NK) Contact3 Clippings
Powell River Peak (CN BC) Contact119 Clippings
Prairie Post East (CN SN) Contact2 Clippings
Prairie Post West (CN AB) Contact6 Clippings
Prescott Journal, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Prince Albert Daily Herald (CN SN) Contact99 Clippings
Prince George Citizen (CN BC) Contact262 Clippings
Prince George Free Press (CN BC) Contact119 Clippings
Prince Rupert Daily News (CN BC) Contact18 Clippings
Province, The (CN BC) Contact3589 Excerpts
Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph (CN QU) Contact1 Clipping
Queen Anne News (Canada) Contact1 Clipping
Queens County Advance, The (CN NS) Contact1 Clipping
Quesnel Cariboo Observer (CN BC) Contact180 Clippings
Rainy River Record (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Reader's Digest (Canada) Contact6 Clippings
Record, The (CN BC) Contact118 Clippings
Record, The (CN NS) Contact6 Clippings
Record, The (CN QU) Contact3 Clippings
Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Contact123 Clippings
Recorder & Times, The (CN ON) Contact99 Clippings
Red Deer Advocate (CN AB) Contact297 Clippings
Red Deer Express (CN AB) Contact99 Clippings
Red River Valley Echo, The (CN MB) Contact13 Clippings
Regina Leader-Post (CN SN) Contact650 Excerpts
Reminder, The (CN MB) Contact13 Clippings
Renfrew Mercury (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Report Magazine (CN BC) Contact10 Clippings
Reporter, The (CN NS) Contact1 Clipping
Republic, The (CN BC) Contact10 Clippings
Revelstoke Times Review (CN BC) Contact79 Clippings
Review, The (CN MB) Contact8 Clippings
Review, The (Keremeos, CN BC) Contact12 Clippings
Richmond News (CN BC) Contact191 Clippings
Richmond Review, The (CN BC) Contact165 Clippings
Rimbey Review (CN AB) Contact5 Clippings
Ring, The (U of Victoria, CN BC Edu) Contact4 Clippings
River Valley News (CN NK) Contact7 Clippings
Riverview This Week (CN NK) Contact1 Clipping
Robson Valley Times (CN BC) Contact9 Clippings
Rocky Mountain Goat News, The (CN BC) Contact7 Clippings
Rocky Mountain Outlook (CN AB) Contact7 Clippings
Rocky View Times (CN AB) Contact5 Clippings
Rocky View Weekly (CN AB) Contact9 Clippings
Rossland News (CN BC) Contact1 Clipping
Russell Banner, The (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
Ryersonian, The (CN ON Edu) Contact8 Clippings
Saanich News (CN BC) Contact117 Clippings
Sackville Tribune-Post (CN NK) Contact9 Clippings
Saint John Times Globe (CN NB) Contact2 Clippings
Salmon Arm Observer (CN BC) Contact106 Clippings
Sarnia Sun (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Sarnia This Week (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Saskatchewan Sage (CN SN) Contact1 Clipping
Saturday Night Magazine (Canada) Contact1 Clipping
Saturday Okanagan, The (CN BC) Contact17 Clippings
Sault Star, The (CN ON) Contact135 Clippings
Sault This Week (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Scarborough Mirror, The (CN ON) Contact43 Clippings
Scope, The (CN ON) Contact5 Clippings
Scugog Standard, The (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Seaway News (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
See Magazine (Edmonton, CN AB) Contact11 Clippings
Selkirk Journal (CN MB) Contact10 Clippings
Sentinel Review (CN ON) Contact102 Clippings
Sheaf, The (CN SN Edu) Contact17 Clippings
Shelburne County Coast Guard, The (CN NS) Contact5 Clippings
Sherwood Park News (CN AB) Contact80 Clippings
Shoreline Beacon (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Silhouette, The (CN ON Edu) Contact6 Clippings
Simcoe Reformer, The (CN ON) Contact51 Clippings
Similkameen News Leader (CN BC) Contact7 Clippings
Similkameen Spotlight (CN BC) Contact42 Clippings
Simon Fraser News (CN BC, Edu) Contact5 Clippings
Sioux Lookout Bulletin (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Slave River Journal (CN NT) Contact6 Clippings
Smithers Interior News (CN BC) Contact45 Clippings
Smiths Falls Record News EMC, The (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Smoky River Express (CN AB)ForumContact11 Clippings
Sooke News Mirror (CN BC) Contact94 Clippings
South Asian Focus (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
South Delta Leader (Delta, CN BC) Contact16 Clippings
South Peace News, The (CN AB) Contact19 Clippings
Southern Gazette, The (CN NF) Contact17 Clippings
Southwest Booster, The (CN SN) Contact6 Clippings
Spirit Of Bothwell, The (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Spruce Grove Examiner, The (CN AB) Contact15 Clippings
St. Albert Gazette (CN AB) Contact58 Clippings
St. Albert Leader (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
St. Catharine News (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
St. Croix Courier, The (CN NK) Contact3 Clippings
St. Paul Journal, The (CN AB) Contact11 Clippings
St. Thomas Times-Journal (CN ON) Contact29 Clippings
Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON) Contact95 Clippings
Standard, The (Elliot Lake CN ON) Contact123 Clippings
Standard, The (St. Catharines, CN ON) Contact141 Excerpts
StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Contact661 Excerpts
Stayner Sun (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Stettler Independent (CN AB) Contact11 Clippings
Stittsville News (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times, The (CN MB) Contact17 Clippings
Stoney Creek News (CN ON) Contact18 Clippings
Stony Plain Reporter, The (CN AB) Contact8 Clippings
Stouffville Sun/Tribune (CN ON) Contact14 Clippings
Strand, The (CN ON Edu) Contact7 Clippings
Stratford Citizen, The (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Stratford Gazette, The (CN ON) Contact23 Clippings
Strathcona County This Week (CN AB) Contact3 Clippings
Strathmore Standard (CN AB) Contact12 Clippings
Sturgeon Creek Post, The (Fort Saskatchewan, CN AB) Contact8 Clippings
Suburban, The (CN QU) Contact7 Clippings
Sudbury Star (CN ON) Contact171 Clippings
Summerland Review (CN BC) Contact56 Clippings
Sun Peaks Independent News (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
Sun Times, The (Owen Sound, CN ON) Contact91 Clippings
Sundre Round Up (CN AB) Contact23 Clippings
Sunny South News, The (CN AB) Contact2 Clippings
Surrey Leader (CN BC) Contact450 Clippings
Sylvan Lake News (CN AB) Contact6 Clippings
Tab, The (CN BC) Contact4 Clippings
Taber Times, The (CN AB) Contact39 Clippings
Take 5 Community Newsmagazine (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
Telegram, The (CN NF) Contact89 Clippings
Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, CN NK) Contact90 Clippings
Temiskaming Speaker, The (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Terminal City (CN BC) Contact3 Clippings
Terrace Standard (CN BC) Contact85 Clippings
the Local (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
This Magazine (Canada) Contact3 Clippings
Thompson Citizen (CN MB) Contact2 Clippings
Thorold Niagara News (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Thunder Bay Post (CN ON) Contact10 Clippings
Thunder Bay Source (CN ON) Contact16 Clippings
Tillsonburg News (CN ON) Contact23 Clippings
Time Magazine (Canada) Contact18 Clippings
Times & Transcript (Moncton, CN NK) Contact66 Clippings
Times, the (Winnipeg, CN MB) Contact3 Clippings
Times-Advocate (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Timmins Times (CN ON) Contact10 Clippings
Toronto 24hours (CN ON) Contact12 Clippings
Toronto Business Times (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Toronto Life (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Toronto Star (CN ON) Contact2281 Clippings
Toronto Sun (CN ON) Contact1548 Clippings
Trail Times (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
Trail-Rossland News (CN BC) Contact10 Clippings
Trentonian, The (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Tri-Cities Now, The (CN BC) Contact7 Clippings
Tri-City News (Port Coquitlam, CN BC) Contact81 Clippings
Tribune, The (CN ON) Contact109 Clippings
Tribune, The (NK) Contact3 Clippings
Truro Daily News (CN NS) Contact52 Clippings
Tumbler Ridge News (CN BC) Contact14 Clippings
Tyee, The (CN BC Web) Contact2 Clippings
Ubyssey (CN BC Edu) Contact38 Clippings
Underground, The (CN ON Edu) Contact2 Clippings
Uniter, The (CN MB Edu) Contact12 Clippings
UPEI Cadre, The (CN PI Edu) Contact1 Clipping
Uptown Magazine (CN MB) Contact2 Clippings
Uxbridge Times Journal, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Valley Echo, The (CN BC) Contact45 Clippings
Valley Leader, The (CN MB) Contact8 Clippings
Valley Sentinel, The (CN BC) Contact5 Clippings
Valley Views (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Valley Voice, The (CN BC) Contact36 Clippings
Vancouver 24hours (CN BC) Contact248 Clippings
Vancouver Courier (CN BC) Contact781 Clippings
Vancouver Magazine (CN BC) Contact7 Clippings
Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Contact3792 Excerpts
Vankleek Hill Review, The (CN ON) Contact9 Clippings
Varsity, The (CN ON Edu) Contact30 Clippings
Vaughan Citizen (CN ON) Contact41 Clippings
Vaughan Today (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Vauxhall Advance, The (CN AB) Contact11 Clippings
Vegreville News Advertiser (CN AB) Contact5 Clippings
Vermilion Standard (CN AB) Contact15 Clippings
Victoria News (CN BC) Contact346 Clippings
Victoria Standard, The (CN NS) Contact2 Clippings
Victoria Star, The (CN NK) Contact6 Clippings
Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Contact2134 Excerpts
View Magazine (Hamilton, CN ON) Contact48 Clippings
Voice Magazine, The (CN AB Edu) Contact1 Clipping
Voice of the Farmer (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Voice, The (CN BC Edu) Contact40 Clippings
Vue Weekly (CN AB) Contact35 Clippings
Vulcan Advocate (CN AB) Contact14 Clippings
Wainwright Review, The (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Walkerton Herald Times, The (CN ON) Contact4 Clippings
Wallaceburg Courier Press (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Wallaceburg News, The (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Walrus, The (Canada) Contact6 Clippings
Wasaga Sun (CN ON) Contact6 Clippings
Waterloo Chronicle (CN ON) Contact8 Clippings
Wawatay News (ON) Contact1 Clipping
Weal, The (SAIT Polytechnic, CN AB Edu) Contact6 Clippings
Weekly Journal, The (CN ON) Contact13 Clippings
Weekly Press, The (CN NS) Contact2 Clippings
Welland News (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
Wellington Advertiser, The (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Wellington Times (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
West Carleton Review Weekender (CN ON) Contact2 Clippings
West Kootenay Weekender (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
West Prince Graphic (CN PI) Contact3 Clippings
Westender (Vancouver, CN BC) Contact48 Clippings
Westerly News (CN BC) Contact4 Clippings
Western News (CN ON Edu) Contact2 Clippings
Western Producer (CN SN) Contact19 Clippings
Western Standard (Canada) Contact12 Clippings
Western Star, The (CN NF) Contact39 Clippings
Westlock News, The (CN AB) Contact1 Clipping
Westman Journal (CN MB) Contact1 Clipping
Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser (CN AB) Contact54 Clippings
Weyburn Review (CN SN) Contact10 Clippings
Weyburn This Week (CN SN) Contact6 Clippings
Wheat City Journal (CN MB) Contact9 Clippings
Whistler Question (CN BC) Contact48 Clippings
Whitby This Week (CN ON) Contact17 Clippings
Whitecourt Star (CN AB) Contact37 Clippings
Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Contact132 Clippings
Whitewood Herald (CN SN) Contact8 Clippings
Wiarton Echo (CN ON) Contact 
Williams Lake Tribune, The (CN BC) Contact102 Clippings
Winchester Press (CN ON) Contact3 Clippings
Windsor Star (CN ON) Contact726 Excerpts
Windspeaker (Canada) Contact1 Clipping
Wingham Advance-Times (CN ON) Contact1 Clipping
Winkler Times (CN MB) Contact17 Clippings
Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Contact1459 Clippings
Winnipeg Sun (CN MB) Contact840 Clippings
Woolwich Observer (CN ON) Contact7 Clippings
World-Spectator, The (CN SN) Contact21 Clippings
WOW Weekly (CN BC) Contact2 Clippings
Wynyard Advance Gazette (CN SN) Contact7 Clippings
Xaverian Weekly, The (CN NS Edu) Contact5 Clippings
Xtra West (CN BC) Contact17 Clippings
Xtra! (CN ON) Contact27 Clippings
Yarmouth Vanguard, The (CN NS) Contact4 Clippings
Yellowknifer (CN NT) Contact23 Clippings
York Guardian (CN ON) Contact11 Clippings
Yorkton This Week (CN SN) Contact18 Clippings
Yukon News (CN YK) Contact51 Clippings


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