Pubdate: Tue, 15 Feb 2000
Date: 02/15/2000
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
Author: Chuck Beyer
Authors: Chuck Beyer

While I am sure that Langley councillor Evan Williams and Mayor
Marlene Grinnell would love to have the power of arbitrary search and
seizure, these are the tools of fascists and are not allowed under the
Canadian Constitution. Also there is that nasty "innocent until proven
guilty" paradigm they must also get around.

I question their motives as well. They don't want these powers to find
some of the missing Vancouver women, or to pursue violent criminals,
but to pursue growers of a plant that apparently two out of three
British Columbians want decriminalized.

I hope these politicians can find time in their schedule to enforce
laws we do want.

Chuck Beyer,

Note: Caption under photo reads "A proposed bylaw to allow random
searches of Langley rental homes for marijuana grow operations like
this one is bunk, readers say."