Pubdate: Fri, 03 Mar 2000
Date: 03/03/2000
Source: Amherst Bulletin
Author: Jeremy Thayer

I am writing in response to the question on the ballot for
legalization/decriminalization of marijuana.  I believe that
decriminalization will help the economy.  Every year, millions of
dollars are spent on cases involving simple possession, a victimless
crime.  Instead of pressing charges, tying up the courts, and wasting
time and money, issue a fine of $25.  The extra money can be spent on
things that are much more important, such as education.

Legalization would also be a favorable choice, because it would mean
regulation.  Drug dealers would disappear, because you would need a
license to sell marijuana.  Also, dealers could never compete with a
regulated store.  These stores would sell marijuana to people over 21.
These factors would help to eliminate the epidemic of school kids
smoking marijuana.

During the alcohol prohibition of the 1920's, organized crime
surrounding alcohol soared.  At the end of prohibition, this crime was
virtually non-existent.  I believe that marijuana legalization would
do the same.

Jeremy Thayer,