Pubdate: Sat, 08 Apr 2000
Date: 04/08/2000
Source: Honolulu Advertiser (HI)
Author: Ty Hamilton

This is absolutely ridiculous that this state funds such a thing as
the eradication of marijuana.

The most I've ever seen anyone attack, coming down off of marijuana,
is a bowl of ice cream or bag of cookies.

And, coming down off of ice or crack cocaine which is easily available
on Oahu you will kill somebody to get some more. So, you know, there's
definitely a greater of two evils there.

And, I think they need to spend more money on prevention and treatment
rather than storm-trooping people's houses like Nazis did to Polish
people of Poland. I mean, how long are we going to let this go on?
There are a lot of cases where these guys have gone storm-trooping
into people's houses only to find out it's some old lady. I don't see
how they can justify violating people's civil rights in a war that is
not working."

Ty Hamilton, 33

Note: The Advertiser received nearly 200 responses from readers to its
series on marijuana eradication efforts.

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