Pubdate: Sat, 08 Apr 2000
Date: 04/08/2000
Source: Honolulu Advertiser (HI)
Author: Dennis Gregory

I don't even smoke pot and they hassle me and everyone around here. If
you ever went to a council meeting when they discuss pot, you'd hear
some horror stories about those helicopter commandos. ... In 1998
there was 4.5 million dollars in theft on the Big Island, locals
ripping things off, mainly to be able to afford pot. The rise in
theft, costing residents millions, is directly proportionate to the
stepping up of helicopter activity. The more the cops rip off people's
plants, the higher the cost of pot and the more theft this causes.

Dennis Gregory, Editor of the Puna Press

Note: The Advertiser received nearly 200 responses from readers to its
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