Pubdate: Thu, 01 Jun 2000
Date: 06/01/2000
Source: Liberty Magazine (US)
Author: Alan Bock

Congress and the administration seem bound and determined to send more
of our money to Colombia to help fight the misbegotten drug war. Let's
see, Colombia is now home to the most aggressive herbicide spraying
program in the world and the recipient of more U.S. military aid than
any country outside the Middle East. The program hasn't worked, but
enlarging it will do the trick? Spending $250 billion since 1980 has
done almost nothing to affect the propensity of Americans to do drugs,
but $1.7 billion for helicopters for Colombia will finally get it done? Sure.

Alan Bock

Note: Mr. Bock is a contributing editor for Liberty and the Orange County
Register's senior editorial writer.