Pubdate: Fri, 14 Jul 2000
Date: 07/14/2000
Source: Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
Author: Christopher A. Joseph
Authors: Christopher A. Joseph

In reference to your July 10 editorial, "Which of these things is not
like the other?" I suppose the repeal of alcohol prohibition was
"dangerous and illogical."

Gov. Gary Johnson is advocating a proven model of control where we
currently have none.

Drug courts are a good idea in place of what we have now, but do you
really propose that someone should go through drug rehabilitation for
simple marijuana possession charges? That's like brainwashing someone
for having a can of beer or a cigarette, and I know you wouldn't stand
for that, would you?

We have a system in place for those who can't handle their liquor.
It's no stretch of the imagination to consider that we afford everyone
the same courtesy without prejudice. This is still America, is it not?

Christopher A. Joseph,
Parma, Ohio