Pubdate: Wed, 08 Nov 2000
Date: 11/08/2000
Source: Oldham Evening Chronicle (UK)
Author: 'Sick Of Waiting'

As someone who has benefited from the therapeutic use of cannabis, I
was heartened to read in the Chronicle that there is increasing
support from doctors for the medical use of this unfairly maligned
herb. (3 November).

It is just a shame that the majority of our politicians, seemingly
living in fear of being portrayed as soft on drugs, are not as
enlightened on this subject as are our doctors and the general public.

Two years ago a House of Lords Select Committee recommended, on the
strength of the available evidence, that doctors be allowed to
prescribe cannabis, yet we are still years away from making this a
reality due to government stalling tactics. In the meantime medical
cannabis users are forced onto the black market to obtain a supply of
this drug and must live in fear of arrest and prosecution.

Unfortunately I do not think that this situation will alter in the
forseeable future unless our elected representatives are made aware
that they will lose votes on this issue in the next election.

As a traditional Labour voter, I will not in future vote for any
candidate that will not commit themselves to ending the unjustified
charade of cannabis prohibition. Are you listening, Messr's Meacher
and Woolas?


Note: The Oldham Chronicle allows pen names as long the author
provides a name and address.