Pubdate: Sat, 22 Jul 2000
Source: Idaho State Journal (ID)
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Author: Allan Erickson


I just read Larry Fullmer's letter ("Sweet Liberty?" July 18) and
would like to thank the writer for his potent, timely words and the
State Journal for publishing it.

Mr. Fullmer is correct in denouncing the war on (some) drugs as the
greatest threat to liberty in the U.S. since Vietnam. It is a war
being waged by a government, Hell bent on control, against its
citizens. Americans are dying, casualties of their own police and courts.

Peter McWilliams, one of our era's literary treasures, died on June
14. Peter was a high profile medical cannabis user in California who
suffered from cancer and AIDS. Awaiting sentencing in federal court,
he died because without cannabis he could not stifle the nausea that
prevented him from keeping down his food or the regimen of
pharmaceuticals that kept him alive.

The list is long of innocent victims: Donald Scott, Esequiel
Hernandez, Pedro Oregon Navarro, Patrick Dorismond, Ismael Mena (all
from police gunfire and all drug cases where either there were no
drugs or the police were trying to sell them,) and on and on...

As tragic as Waco, Ruby Ridge, Kent State and Jackson State, any of
these deaths are criminal acts against the people. Our founders gave
freedom a home and left its care in the hands of the citizens, not in
the institutions.

The war on (some) drugs has corrupted our government at all levels.
 From our local police to the highest ranking officer in control of our
drug interdiction forces in Colombia (Col. James Hiett), the lure of
tax-free, massive profits is hard for some to resist.

Prohibition of alcohol was a travesty involving the same issues as we
face today - corruption (corporate, criminal and government), violence
and addiction of our children. Black market vendors don't check i.d.
The drug war is not the answer. Prohibition is now and has been and
will always be, a failure. How much are we willing to pay to fail again?

Allan Erickson,
Eugene, Ore.
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