Pubdate: Wed, 02 Aug 2000
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Section: Shooting Gallery (Letters)
Author: Steve Gill


In his letter in the last issue Mervyn Crampton stated: "I guarantee
that hanging for heroin dealing would transform the situation beyond
recognition. It works in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and many other
countries; so why not here?"

What makes you think it works? China executes hundreds every year for
drug dealing, yet it goes on there year in and year out.

How has this solved the problem?

And what if your grandson had turned to dealing to support his habit?
Would you be so sanguine about his execution if he was caught in one
of these countries?

I truly regret your grandson's death. I too have lost people close to
me to overdoses. I believe, however, that more lives would be saved if
these people had been able to obtain their medication from doctors,
not from street sources of undependable quality.

Perhaps there is some middle road that would satisfy both of us - not
total legality, but certainly not the death penalty!

Steve Gill
Northern California
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