Pubdate: Sun, 30 Jul 2000
Source: Halifax Daily News (CN NS)
Copyright: 2000 The Daily News.
Author: Allan Erickson


To the editor:

Thanks for printing Stephen Kimber's column (Stop the Reefer Madness,
The Daily News, July 21). Has Kimber considered writing in the U.S.?
We could use some of the sense he displays.

It is always refreshing to me to hear the level of Canada's discussion
on drugs and, in particular, cannabis. Overall, you display a little
more decency and civility in your discussions.

It's getting a little nutty down here in the U.S. When folks such as
bestselling author Peter McWilliams, suffering from the ravages of
AIDS and cancer, die (awaiting sentencing in federal court, he was not
permitted use of cannabis to quell nausea from medications) because
the federal courts deny the mention of existence of his illness or of
state medical cannabis legislation to jurors, well ... we're a little

Please, in this dance, don't follow our lead. Guaranteed we are out of
step and some toes will be squashed.

Allan Erickson,
Eugene, Ore.
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