Pubdate: Fri, 18 Aug 2000
Source: Essex Evening Gazette
Pubdate: Thursday August 17 2000
Contact:  Don Barnard
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I agree with Mr Bridge (Evening Gazette 3/8/2000)  a general lack of 
understanding about drugs and a lack of education has attributed to more 
people seeking help with a drug problem.

There is also another reason: increased spending on law enforcement 
(prohibition) has encouraged distributors to switch from delivering 
bulkier, detectable cannabis to cocaine.  This has had the knock-on effect 
of encouraging users to switch from cannabis to addictive drugs like 
cocaine. which poses the serious detriment to public health highlighted by 
the article.

The fact is while middle-aged, middle class chaps are asking around the 
golf course for viagra, a black market will supply them.

How many black markets are the police expected to pursue

Don Barnard
Legalise Cannabis Alliance.
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