Pubdate: Thu, 17 Aug 2000
Source: New Times (CA)
Author: Allan Erickson


Thanks for the article by Carla Sparto, "New Vaccines May Drug-Proof Kids" 
[New Times, Aug 3]. It truly amazes me how the prohibitionists continually 
finds new ways to enforce their idea of how we all should be, well, more moral.

Addictive personality? Here - have a vaccine. I personally suspect these 
faux moralists need a vaccine to pull their noses out of others' business. 
Addicts can reveive all the vaccines, counseling, forced psychotherapy and 
incarceration in the world but will not be "cured" until they desire it.

Fighting drugs with drugs sounds like a scheme from the corporate 
pharmaceutical industry. Science is an ongoing task and each new discovery 
leads to new questions and answers. Often times the problems created by a 
"solution" (like prohibition) are worse than the original problem.

Allan Erickson, Eugene, Ore.
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