Pubdate: Wed, 30 Aug 2000
Source: Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
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Author: Charles Hurlocker, Jr.


Your editorial lambasting Gov. Gary Johnson's reasoned agenda for taking a 
second look at our drug policy must have struck a chord in your 
prohibitionist's heart. Otherwise, you would have taken the advice you 
offered Johnson: " . . . (I)t is high time . . . for Johnson to concentrate 
solely on issues pertaining to New Mexico."

It must be tough to listen to a politician of some stature who finally has 
the courage to speak out on an issue others have refused to address.

What was particularly galling, but expected from the tone and logic of your 
editorial, was the closing comment, "It is time for Johnson to move on to 
more pertinent issues, such as a reduction in the state income tax and an 
increase in the state minimum wage, for starters."

More pertinent?

More pertinent than the fact that half of what we spend on law enforcement, 
half of what we spend on the courts, and half of what we spend on prisons 
is drug related? This, by any account, is a huge issue.

Unfortunately, only a few people are willing to talk about it.

I predict you will eventually praise Gov. Johnson, once you realize that 
our drug policy is a pertinent issue.

Charles Hurlocker Jr. Renton, Wash.
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