Pubdate: Tue, 05 Sep 2000
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
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Author: Chris Delanoy


RE: "THINK-TANK analyst touts legalized dope." Would-be tyrants like acting 
Chief Bob Wasylyshen believe that, by interfering with our inalienable 
right of self-ownership, they can reduce violence and drug use. He believes 
that by strip-searching innocent people at airports, by sending SWAT-like 
police raids into the homes of innocent Edmontonians, and perhaps by 
putting a Big Brother "Photo Drug Enforcement" camera on every corner like 
he has for red lights, he will curtail the ill effects of drugs. But the 
real achievements of his agenda of drug prohibition are clear: an 
unprecedented wave of violent crime, drug use that has grown exponentially, 
and the complete shredding of the personal liberty and privacy of every 

I have never used an illicit drug, but I fear for my own life and liberty 
at the very thought of what assault the drug war will bring next. The 
purpose of our police force is supposed to be to protect our person and 
property from invasion by criminals. But the war on drugs has turned the 
table: now the police are the invading criminals from whom we need protection.

Chris Delanoy

(Complete shredding of personal liberty? Get real.)
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