Pubdate: Sat, 16 Sep 2000
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2000 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White
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To The Summit Daily,

In reference to Medical-Marijuana not to include warning,

Dear Editor,

Thank you for bringing this story to our attention.

I believe Former U.S. Attorney Mike Norton and like kind are perpetuating 
lies.  The story shows how the war is limping on its last leg of 
ignorance.  To put a warning in the Election Blue Book is not only 
unacceptable but is another move to perpetuate the war for profit.  The 
statement that "it would send the wrong message to children" to use medical 
marijuana is scary in light of the overwhelming evidence that marijuana is 
a medical and scientific reality.  To say to children that it is not 
medically worthy and that we need to cage our sick neighbors for using 
marijuana medically is going to really send the wrong message to our children.

After my son died of Leukemia I was able to find out more about the 
specifics of medical marijuana for Cancer & Chemotherapy treatment and now 
I know that it not only helps people eat but can eliminate the sever nausea 
associated w/ the chemo that keeps them from eating to begin with.  Instead 
my 17 year old perhaps suffered that great additional discomfort for the 
name of a war for profit against the American people.  Medical Science & 
compassion can bring True light to the issue yet Norton & his ilk want 
nothing of the TRUTH in regards to medical marijuana.  I was not able to 
locate any information during my son's treatment about the use of marijuana 
and since have gotten a computer that has helped in getting this info.  I 
suggest that if your family has to decide between health or obeying the law 
you already know what I am talking about.  Statistics point out that every 
average American family will have to face Cancer.

Today most Americans know that reefer is no big deal.  To put someone in 
jail for using it medically is a SIN! Three Ontario Appeals Court Justices 
unanimously ruled unconstitutional the laws making marijuana illegal, at 
the beginning of August 2000, & stating among other things that the law 
represents an embarrassing history based on misinformation and racism.

Now a plea to those who are not registered to vote. My family depends on 
your vote to make medical marijuana available to sick people.  In 
California more people voted for the medical marijuana initiative than for 
the presidency.  I ask that if normally you shun the election process that 
in this years election you will help show a real message of support voting 
to approve Amendment 20 even if you vote for nothing else on the 
ballot.  What a message!

Finally, I believe that the people that vote to put their neighbor in a 
cage for using cannabis are the problem in society, not cannabis.

Thank you again,

Stan White
116 Climax Dr.
Dillon, CO
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