Pubdate: Sun, 17 Sep 2000
Source: Standard-Examiner (UT)
Copyright: Ogden Publishing Corporation, 2000
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Author: Earl W. Ashby


It was indeed a pleasurable experience to read Robert B. Smith's Sept. 9 
commentary, "New strategy for the failing war on drugs: decriminialize the 

While I never agreed with his articles in the past, this one was accurate, 
truthful and to the point. While his conclusion and solution is not a 
Libertarian perspective, it is a start. I thank the newspaper for allowing 
his commentary to be published, in spite of the printed articles and 
editorial of the newspaper previously against Initiative B, of which I am a 
signer and supporter.

A national poll has been released showing that 16 percent of the voters are 
in fact Libertarians, as compared to only a mere 7 percent consistently 
conservative, another 13 percent being described as "liberals;" this should 
give cause for the politicians and the media to take notice.

Earl W. Ashby
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