Pubdate: Tue, 26 Sep 2000
Source: Santa Barbara News-Press (CA)
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Author: Harry D. Fisher


Randy Alcorn's hard-hitting column was right on target! Seldom have I read 
anything on the war on drugs so clear, so succinct, and so true.

Randy's commentary deserves to be printed in every newspaper in the 
country, be posted on every billboard and telephone pole, and pasted up on 
every bus stop. The war on drugs is a cruel, cynical and criminal assault 
on our liberties by a law enforcement apparatus, a state within the state, 
that has been given unbridled license by the politicians to savage the 

The Land of the Free has become the Land of the Prosecutor, where policies 
reign that are every bit as inhumane as the policies of totalitarian 
regimes. A reign of undercover police, informers, uniformed police in the 
schools lecturing to the children are the vital signs of a police state, a 
repressive, torturing state where harmless people are caught in the 
government's web of deceit, frequently without recourse.

In America you get exactly the amount of justice you can afford, with the 
result that the prisons are jammed with the poor who generate income for 
the prison industrial complex and the owners of the private prisons, and 
this from our tax money. The drug prisoners are a commodity, fresh meat 
that serves as fodder for the punishment machine, a contemporary slave trade.

The crimes of the politicians scream to high heaven, and the injustice of 
the war on drugs is intolerable to any but the most abject, craven slaves. 
I am ashamed to be an American and having to witness the crimes, the abuse 
and the injustices perpetrated in my name.

Harry D. Fisher, Woodland Hills
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