Pubdate: Sun, 01 Oct 2000
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2000 Auburn Journal
Contact:  1030 High St., Auburn, CA 95603
Author: Carol Colburn


I am voting for Tom Campbell for U.S. Senate and asking him to please do 
all he can do to end the War on Drugs! I am sure he is a Libertarian, 
although he running as a Republican. He wants to end the war on drugs. We 
do not belong in Columbia! We do not need any more wars. We do not need any 
more dead sons! We do not need any more prisons built to house and train 
high-tech labor, using non-violent marijuana users, for the profit of some 

Treatment of addicts is fine  if they want treatment. I would like to see 
all drugs become legal and between a doctor and a patient. The government 
does not belong in our personal lives. However, Campbell wants the death 
penalty for drug dealers? What about a person who's married with children, 
a church-going plumber who buys and sells to his friends? Is he a dealer?

The forfeiture laws are criminal, and the forces that use them are 
criminal. Raids with force on homeowners are a criminal act. They should be 
stopped! Children and old innocent people are being murdered behind these 
insane acts by DEA swat team drug forces. Follow the money  who is making 
the profit? Our government and corporations, DEA, police, judges, re-hab 
centers, using the drug war and innocent marijuana smokers as their prey.

I like Sydney Australia. An open city that takes care of its illegal drug 
addicts by looking the other way. They have a needle exchange program, 
treatment centers, and they give out free condoms, they accept the gay 
community. Their city is open, free, clean, beautiful and mostly 
non-violent. Maybe this country should take a few steps backwards, and 
remember prohibition of alcohol, and stop trying to run this country like a 
religious police state. Let's get real!

Carol Colburn, Meadow Vista
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