Pubdate: Tue, 03 Oct 2000
Source: Watertown Daily Times (NY)
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Author: Lee Monnet


Over the past few months I have heard the Republicans and Democrats 
accusing  each other of avoiding debates and issues in the presidential 
election campaign.  As far as I am concerned Al Gore and George Bush are 
equally guilty of these  accusations.

Let's talk about debates. Why do the big two fear debating the  third party 
candidates? Could it be they do not want to be drawn into controversial 
issues that have not been addressed in this campaign.

Issues like the dismal failure of the drug war which is becoming a huge 
burden on taxpayers, is filling our prisons, allowing police around the 
country  to brutalize citizens, and most important it is shredding the Bill 
of Rights. The encroachment of the Second Amendment by gun control laws 
which will eventually disarm law abiding citizens and merely inconvenience 
criminals. A much too powerful Government which is consistently taking the 
freedom of choice away from the people.

I personally would like to hear what perspectives presidential 
candidates  Harry Browne of the Libertarian Party, and Ralph Nader of the 
Green Party could  bring to this lackluster election campaign.

Lee Monnet, Ogdensburg NY
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