Pubdate: Fri, 06 Oct 2000
Source: Asbury Park Press (NJ)
Author: Gary M. Sage


During an appearance on MTV, Vice President Gore recently made a number of 
insensitive comments regarding the medical use of marijuana. He said, "I do 
not believe that marijuana has any medical benefit." Gore condones the 
situation in which sick and dying patients, like Cheryl Miller 
(, are forced to either languish in pain, or risk 
arrest by breaking these archaic laws against marijuana possession. I would 
have expected much more compassion from a man who recently claimed that his 
sister, a cancer patient, was "prescribed" marijuana to relieve her 
suffering. MTV introduced Gore with a film clip that characterized the him 
as a rebel, who rode a motorcycle and even "smoked the herb." Cheryl 
Miller, however, has never used marijuana for "fun."

Gore is not alone in his ignorance. In August, while discussing medical 
marijuana on Fox television, Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., claimed that 
philanthropist George Soros had "bankrolled the IOM Report (on Marijuana 
and Medicine)." But last year, immediately after the release of the report, 
which cost taxpayers nearly a million dollars, Barr stated that "the report 
is a waste of the taxpayers' money, because they came to the wrong 
conclusion." The report was commissioned by the Clinton-Gore 
administration, and its findings have been ignored.

We must allow patients access to marijuana, and adopt a "zero tolerance" 
approach to political hypocrisy.

Gary M. Sage
The Cherylheart Project
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