Pubdate: Thu, 26 Oct 2000
Source: Colchester Evening Gazette (UK)
Copyright: 2000, Quicksilver Media
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Author: Alison J Hunt


WITH reference to the story "Essex leads drugs initiative" on October 18, I
am the single parent of two boys living in an area of Bristol notorious for
its very high drug use and consequent very high levels of crime.

I use cannabis for medical reasons and both of my sons have tried cannabis
under my supervision and my elder son freely admitted to sharing a joint
with school friends several years ago.

So unaddictive was the experience that neither of them have bothered to try
it again although not for lack of opportunity as it is freely available at
most music venues they attend singly and together and, of course, locally.

"Maybe later" is their answer when I ask them if they would smoke it while
away from home. I have made them aware that it can affect short term memory,
so while they are still in education it is their own choice not to risk the
possibility that use may affect their learning capacities.

I did not need police officers to "warn" my children of the dangers of any

The dangers of legal drugs are patently obvious, as are those of illegal
drugs and given the amount of literature already available to help the less
knowledgeable parent, I can see no earthly reason for more public money to
be spent on using the police to do a parent's job

If excellent education, manners and attitude are the result of a relaxed
attitude towards cannabis then legalise it and stop wasting public money on
persecuting those who wish to relieve illnesses or simply peacefully enjoy
themselves in a manner which harms no other person.

Alison J Hunt,
South Bristol
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