Pubdate: Fri, 03 Nov 2000
Source: Watertown Daily Times (NY)
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Author: Larry Seguin


To The Editor:

Judge James C. Harberson's ruling may start to give the people of northern 
New York back some faith in law enforcement. ( Judge Dismisses Charges 
Involving Use Of Seat Belts, 24 Oct 2000). There was a time when law 
enforcement pulled into a parking lot, people would go over and talk to 
them. Now when law enforcement officers pull in, everyone leaves the area.

Because of the "war on drugs" and the use of " probable cause and officers' 
safety" you will be searched just for standing around. As in seat belt road 
blocks, if you don't answer the questions correctly, you are asked to step 
out of the vehicle and the officers are immediately into your pockets. 
Forget the 4th amendment!

Letters to the Watertown Daily Times clearly show that  people see the seat 
belt laws for what they really are. Unconstitutional, Police harassment 
used as an excuse to stick their noses in to peoples business, and tax 
collectors for the Governor of New York via fines and surcharges.

Why the need for seat belt checks? For the past 10 years cars have been 
equipped with "air bags"!!  To go after drivers for where they have the 
shoulder strap is what I would call aggressive policing!

A Sgt. from the Watertown police department stated in the WDT ( 1 Sept. 
2000) , "Seat belts are for a drivers safety" then in the same breath he 
stated "Police officers didn't have to use seat belts." The most alarming 
part of that article was the "scout vehicle", are we being watched with 
binoculars as we drive down the road? Hmm.... forget the 4th amendment again!

This is why there is a mass movement to third parties by the voters. Its OK 
to pay taxes to catch criminals, but to have part of the 4 months we work 
to pay taxes per year come back as grants to harass us over a seat belt 
shoulder strap is getting out of hand!

November 7th vote Libertarian. The Libertarian party is the only third 
party on the ballot in all 50 states. Time to send a message! We want 
government for the people, by the people. What we have now is government 
controlling the people.

Larry Seguin  Lisbon, New York
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