Pubdate: Sat, 29 Jan 2000
Source: Arizona Republic (AZ)
Copyright: 2000 The Arizona Republic
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Author: Victor E. Venturo
Note: "Last week's (Jan. 22) questions about the war on drugs brought a
record 161 letters." MAP's link to Arizona articles is:

Proof in prisons

Our leaders declared war on drugs. They even put a general in charge. They
fight it military fashion. Inner cities are battle zones. They have spent
billions fighting the war. They tell us we are winning, but it will cost a
lot more.

Their proof of winning is our ever-filling prisons, where drugs flow freely.
We spend billions more keeping all these POWs locked up. I wonder how the
POWs differ from our friend, relative or employee who has a drug problem.
Should we turn them in and lock them up? If everyone who did drugs were in
prison, would those of us on the outside be able to pay for it? It appears
the only war being waged is against our own citizens. How many generals have
we captured?

- - Victor E. Venturo, Peoria
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