Pubdate: Tue, 05 Dec 2000
Source: Washington Times (DC)
Copyright: 2000 News World Communications, Inc.
Authors: Redford Givens, Kirk Muse


In her Op-Ed "Downey and the drug war" (Dec. 3), Michelle Malkin makes a 
good point about the absurdity of meddling in Robert Downey Jr.'s private 
life, but evidently has no sympathy for black athletes such as Darryl 
Strawberry who receive far more attention from America's lunatic drug 
crusaders than white celebrities.

If Downey deserves to be left alone, how much more so the hundreds of black 
athletes targeted by America's drug warriors. What crime has Strawberry 
committed that warrants prison or merits any interference in his life at all?

Redford Givens, San Francisco

Michelle Malkin was right on the mark with her column, "Downey and the drug 
war" (Dec. 3). If Robert Downey Jr. had attempted to take his own life by 
swallowing rat poison and survived, would we send him to prison for his own 
good? Then why do we punish people for taking harmful substances?

Heart disease kills a lot more people than illegal drugs. One of the main 
causes of heart disease are high-fat diets. Should we send people to prison 
for consuming too many hamburgers or french fries?

Kirk Muse
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