Pubdate: Thu, 07 Dec 2000
Source: Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
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Author: Richard Marchese


You state in a Nov. 28 editorial that "New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has 
received national criticism for his support of drug legalization."

What about mentioning the praise he has received?

You wrote: "The elements of responsibility and accountability must be 
realized regarding illegal drug use, which is a primary reason the criminal 
nature of such illegal activities must be recognized."

Criminal "nature"! Are you serious? The prohibition of plants and plant 
extracts is anti-nature. Prohibitionists are spoiled children ranting at 
those who disobey them. Americans have always ignored prohibitionists.

But the prohibitionists have constantly enabled real criminals to thrive. 
They thrive on the corruption, the loss of liberty and the tremendous 
profits to be gained by exploiting prohibition laws. Prohibitionists thrive 
on the overdose deaths (try purchasing your heart medicine from someone in 
an alley), which enable them to build an ever-cumbersome bureaucracy to 
enforce their ill-conceived laws.

You say enjoying a plant or plant extract is "criminal nature." We evolved 
enjoying every and any plant nature gave us. Those who pretend authority to 
forbid us this pursuit of happiness and health are the criminals.

Thanks to prohibitionists, America now has the greatest population in 
prison in the history of mankind. Their evil knows no end.


Fairfield, N.J.
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