Pubdate: Wed, 08 Nov 2000
Source: Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
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Author: Brad Carter


As a member of the Friends of Justice of Tulia, I would like to respond to
some criticisms of our organization.

First, the Friends of Justice do not believe or suggest that Tulia is an
entirely racist community, but we do believe the drug sting was racially

Individuals who suggest that, because we have taken a stand, we are
attempting to divide the community are mistaken.

My mother was born and raised in Swisher County, and I lived there for
several years of my youth.

I made many friends during those years, and I would like to think that,
despite our current difficulties, I can still count these people as my

Second, we are not "intellectually challenged."

We have come to an informed conclusion based on available data. There are
numerous problems with the drug sting that should cause concern for any
considerate individual.

Many have suggested that because some defendants pled guilty, they must have
committed the crimes. This conclusion demonstrates a lack of critical
thinking and ignorance of available facts.

It is difficult for any small community to admit that there may be a problem
of this magnitude, but we must all search our hearts and minds and be open
to the possibility that we might be wrong.

Finally, there will come a time when the truth will be known and justice
will be served. It is my hope that this truth will usher in an era of
healing and new beginnings.

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