Pubdate: Mon, 18 Dec 2000
Source: Denver Post (CO)
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Author: Jim McClure


Re: "Bini gets probation in fatal raid," Dec. 2.

It is not just Hispanic activists who are furious with the wrongful death 
of Ismael Mena and subsequent probation of police officer Joseph Bini.

The taking of an innocent life by the use of deadly force and avoidance of 
meaningful consequences for mishandling drug busts by law enforcement is a 
too-common occurrence. Of course, the taxpayers will end up paying the 
wrongful death settlement. And law enforcement will continue to pursue 
their failed and expensive war on drugs policy.

The bottom line is that citizens are spending billions of dollars each year 
in an attempt to eradicate drug use. Maybe one day our lawmakers will wise 
up and realize that more of the taxpayers' dollars should be going for 
education, prevention and treatment instead of deadly force tactics.

JIM McCLURE Loveland
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