Pubdate: Wed, 27 Dec 2000
Source: MidWeek (HI)
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Author: Donald M. Topping
Note: This letter is responding to Michelle Malkin's column, "The Real Cost
Of The Drug War"


While I seldom agree with Michelle Malkin's conservative agenda, I
fully support her analysis of the negative impacts of the failed war
on drugs.

A sound drug policy should be based on common sense, science, public
health, and respect for our constitutional  rights. Our current policy
fails on all counts, because it is based on politics, bureaucratic
power structures, and a distorted sense of morality.

The solution to our substance abuse problem is neither a conservative
nor liberal issue. The problem impacts on everyone, regardless of
political persuasion. It calls for a unified voice that must be raised
before all of our lawmakers to let them know that the failed war on
drugs has gone on long enough.

It is time we recognize substance abuse as a health problem, and
address it accordingly. Throwing drug addicts into prison serves no
useful purpose. There is plenty of evidence to show that treatment
works far better than prison, and for a lot less money.

Donald M. Topping Ph.D., President, Drug Policy Forum of Hawai`i 
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