Pubdate: Fri, 24 Mar 2000
Source: Capital Times, The  (WI)
Copyright: 2000 The Capital Times
Author: Gary Storck


Your editorial questioning the official version of the death of the
Taycheedah inmate certainly points up major concerns about health care in
our prison system. The editorial quoted State Sen. Judy Robson, a nurse, as
stating, "It was unconscionable to allow somebody to die in such a miserable

While Sen. Robson's comments are certainly right on target here, her concern
over state residents health is actually very shallow. On the subject of
legalizing marijuana for medical use, Robson's office stated last year that
the issue is "too controversial" for her to consider sponsoring or
co-sponsoring such legislation. Apparently Sen. Robson thinks it is okay
that sick, disabled and dying state residents imprisoned in their own bodies
by illness who can benefit from this therapy must either break the law and
risk arrest and jail, or needlessly suffer, because she lacks the political
courage to tackle "controversial" issues like medical marijuana.

One would think with her credentials as a nurse that she would certainly
understand that arresting and jailing patients for using the medicine that
works best for them is cruel and immoral. Yet, she apparently is more
concerned about her political future than state resident's health and

Gary Storck Madison, WI
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