Pubdate: Thu, 06 Apr 2000
Source: Asbury Park Press (NJ)
Author: G. M. Sage


The recent police violence in New York City is a
serious indictment of America's drug war. It is time to look for a
more realistic solution to the drug "problem." It is clear that the
U.S. Government's anti-drug mandate has resulted in police corruption.
Drug warriors on both the federal and state levels continue to show a
disregard for basic human rights. Since the reprehensible verdict in
the Amadou Diallo trial, there have been two more fatal shootings of
unarmed citizens, and an incident late last month in which armed
undercover officers chased a marijuana dealer through a crowded grade
school playground with weapons drawn, causing children to flee in terror.

Malcolm Ferguson was shot down and his killing was considered
justified by Police Commissioner Howard Safir because he was reputed
to have been selling drugs. Last week, Patrick Dorismond was shot dead
by undercover narcotics officers who approached him and asked where
they could "buy some weed." He became angry and a scuffle ensued
resulting in another unnecessary death. To justify this killing, Mayor
Rudolph Giuliani then released to the press a sealed juvenile arrest
record involving drugs, and a few days later there appeared a
toxicology report that allegedly showed the presence of THC.

Nowhere in America is the death penalty justified for drug offenses.
We must end this drug war now, to save our society.

G.M. Sage,
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