Pubdate: Wed, 12 Apr 2000
Source: Times-News, The (ID)
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Author: May Harris


Last September, I attended the first day of Kathy Tadlock's Twin Falls
trial on marijuana charges. Although I have never even considered
using illegal drugs myself, I have become alarmed at the hypocrisy and
unconstitutionality of this war on drugs. Several years ago, I read in
a conservative publication that this "war" was going to be used as an
excuse to destroy our constitutional freedoms. It is doing just that.

Judge John Kane in a Nov. 2, 1997, article, "War on Narcotics Imperils
Justice System," in the Denver Post, wrote that "the war on drugs has
eviscerated the protections the Constitution guarantees against
government invasion and seizure of our homes and property."

Last Nov. 3, Alan Stroud, a conservative Christian pastor, made a
similar observation in the (Boise) Idaho Statesman.

Judge Kane also wrote that, "Alcohol destroys more people and inflicts
more damage on society than do heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other
narcotics combined."

But where is the campaign to reinstate Prohibition?

A 20/20 TV program earlier this year dealt with the political
hypocrisy of this drug war and had excerpts of our top federal
officials talking -- and laughing -- about their personal drug use.
One excerpt was of George Bush Sr. being asked if he had ever used
illegal drugs. He said no, but he would hate to speak for his kids.

John Stossel of 20/20 pointed out that while our politicians titter
about their own illegal drug use, hundreds of thousands of Americans
without power or influence are being imprisoned for these same offenses.

Judge Kane observes that "No other country, including Russia and South
Africa, incarcerates more of its citizens than does the United
States." America, "the land of the free," is now a joke.

There will be a "Stop the Madness" rally at 11 a.m. on May 6 at the
Capitol in Boise to relegalize hemp-marijuana for agricultural,
industrial, medicinal and recreational purposes. A picnic and music
fest will follow at Julia Davis Park nearby. If you share these
concerns, please attend.

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