Pubdate: Tue, 18 Apr 2000
Source: The Evening Telegraph, Peterborough, UK
Contact:  Ernie Powell


IF the Legalise Cannabis Alliance candidate Marcus Davies stands for
East Ward, I will certainly vote for him.

This is not because I wish to encourage the "drug culture". I want to
approach Mr Davies's candidacy with an objective and unhysterical eye.

The reaction of Peterhorough's political establishment seems to be
grossly disproportionate - favouring a safe contest between the same
old boring political machines.

Cllr Cathy Weaver's comment that "the police may be interested in this
individual" (Evening Telegraph, March 29), is way over the top. Davies
only wants to stand for election, not supply Clir Weaver with 'hash".

Regardless of what people think about cannabis, there is such a level
of alienation from the political process that even hardline opponents
of decriminalisation may support him, to register contempt for
self-serving politicians of all parties

I have not voted in local elections for years, but with Mr Davies
promising to enter the race, their is just a whiff of controversy in
the air to stimulate me to get down to the polling booth.

Eastfield, Peterborough
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