Pubdate: Thu, 20 Apr 2000
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Author: Carey Ker, Heather Hamilton, Dan Anders, Jonathan Story


'Thanks for straight dope on pot'

"Can't suppress the truth'

Thanks to Jon Ferry for having the guts to write about the legalization of

Thankfully, the truth can never be suppressed.

I hope he doesn't get too much grief for his opinion.

Carey Ker, Toronto

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Right on, Jon!

I don't even use marijuana (or any other illegal drug, for that matter), but
I've long maintained that it's the illegality of drugs that makes them both
high-priced and irresistible to the young.

If they were legal and administered by - as you suggest - an offshoot of the
Liquor Control Board, just imagine the tax revenues.

Maybe the beleaguered taxpayer could finally get a break.  Cops could spend
their time chasing real criminals like the low-lifes that invade private
homes and prey on the elderly.

Heather Hamilton, Richmond

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Again, Jon Ferry's column is accurate and timely.  It really is time we got
over our HUB (Head Up Butt) disease about things like the drug laws.  I
think his suggestion is a good one!

Do you think any politicians are gutsy enough to follow up? Not likely!

Dan Anders, Langley

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Well said!

But for me, Ferry is simply preaching to the choir.

What does it take for your average Joe-War-On-Drugs citizen to see the folly
of drug criminalization?

For the record, I do not use drugs and drink very little alcohol.

Jonathan Story, New Westminster
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