Pubdate: Sun, 23 Apr 2000
Source: Halifax Daily News (CN NS)
Copyright: 2000 The Daily News.
Author: David d'Apollonia


To the editor:

The world of Prohibition is one of hypocrisy and authoritarianism. One
of the most effective justifications and propaganda mantras of the war
on drugs is that criminalizing drug use is necessary, at all costs,
"to save the children." The end never justifies the means.

Bicentennial School principal Mike Brownlow's lofty and vain attempt
to rationalize the foolish and deceitful undercover operation of the
police is nothing short of a tacit support of Fascist-like,
authoritarian ideology.

"As a parent and an educator, I encourage Mr.  Donham to visit a
school and witness first-hand the heartbreak caused by illegal drug
use. In my book, any attempt to limit or cease drug trafficking is
much appreciated," Mr. Brownlow wrote last week. No wonder many kids
today loathe and disrespect schools, besides anti-drug, law
enforcement practices. What they see is a witless parochial system in
bed together with arrogant drug warriors.

David d'Apollonia, 
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