Pubdate: Tue, 09 May 2000
Source: San Jose Mercury News (CA)
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Author: Ron Tomich


I respect and admire San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales, but I simply
disagree with his wanting to close down the card clubs in his city
(Page 1A, May 8).

No one forces anyone else to gamble, any more than someone is forced
to drink, smoke, take drugs or go to church. If illegal activities are
going on at either or both of the card clubs, then by all means
investigate, indict, prosecute and convict the guilty ones. But why
penalize all the honest people who enjoy playing and who do not have
an addiction to gambling?

Card clubs bring in a lot of tax dollars. If these clubs are closed,
many people will lose their jobs and the gamblers will simply go to
another county, an Indian gaming facility, Nevada or gamble in their
own homes. You cannot legislate morality, as evidenced by

It saddens me to see Mayor Gonzales on the same track as council
member Pat Dando and a few others on this issue. Leave the card
players alone and punish the wrongdoers, not the innocent gamblers.

Ron Tomich,
Redwood Estates
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