Pubdate: Fri, 05 May 2000
Source: Press, The (New Zealand)
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Author: Allen Mourton
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Sir-I am by no means a youth (40 years old) and have heard Mr Tanczos speak.
Not once did I hear him promote the use of cannabis. What he did offer was
an alternative to the problem that includes education, and treatment, rather
than arrest, prosecution, incarceration, and the lifelong stigma of a
criminal record.

As long as Dare is being taught in schools then Mr Tanczos should not only
be allowed to speak but maybe requested to do so. If promoting censorship
and the stifling of alternative opinions makes Graham Stoop a "principal
with principles" then Stalin was a leader with principles.

These high school students are the future policy makers and voters. For
anyone - particularly a school official - to suppress either the pro or the
con side of any issue, using the excuse that is for "their protection" or
"for their own good" is a bit scary.

May 2, 2000
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