Pubdate: Thu, 25 May 2000
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
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Author: Dale Ashton
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COME ON Nova Pierson, weren't you a teen once? "Officials keep close tabs 
on party" (May 21). I'm 55 and I say "Leave them kids alone!" Ever see the 
mess that's left at the end of a football game? The clean-up is just part 
of the price you set for the rental.

Drugs? If they aren't at the rave -- all in one spot, where the police can 
watch them --they'll be in hundreds of spots with nobody watching them. 
Give the kids a break, they'll grow up and look after us old folks! Thanks 
for effort on the article, but Diane Danielson should be aware, attempts to 
get on the teens' backs will just result in a worse scene. If you drive the 
kids out to the bush parties, there will be worse problems and you know it.

We had great times at the "Lake Dances" and the "Rainbow Ballroom" when I 
was a kid growing up in Edmonton.  They are not all bad.

Dale Ashton

(OK, you can let your kids go to raves, we think our readers deserve to 
know what goes on at them.) 
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