Pubdate: Wed, 24 May 2000
Source: Richmond Review (CN BC)
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Author: Chuck Beyer


Re: "Attack on mayor was offensive" May 10

Three cheers for Allen Randell for pointing out that the Emperor wears no
clothes. It should be perfectly obvious to anyone that in a country where
two out of three voters want marijuana decriminalized. Politicians that beat
the drug war drums instead of finding ways to regulate marijuana are part of
the problem as opposed to the solution.

Warning to the mayor and his federal prohibition chums: Canadians have
smartened up. They know they have been lied to for decades by politicians
and just don't believe your marijuana scare stories any more. It's time to
try something called common sense. Start by asking why people are not
getting busted for growing tobacco in residential homes. The answer to this
question will point you in the right direction. Enough is enough.

Chuck Beyer Victoria, B.C. -via e-mail
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